The new season at level 3 and 4

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Re: The new season at level 3 and 4

06 Dec 2020 14:32 pm:

GammoGlos wrote:It's great news. Ok so it's not the exact game we know, a bit like Rugby League in some ways but better than nothing.

We (Gordon League) have a friendly arranged against Old Richians on the 19th Dec. Didn't think we'd get anything close to rugby this year.

Like John said the issue will be off the field. Clubs won't be able to open the bar under these new restrictions. So operating at a loss. Unless they get creative with outside space.

I just hope that all those local players that should have been well into the season by now, stick with the sport and haven't found other things to fill their Saturday afternoons.

At least they will be able to charge players subs and annual subscriptions even if at a reduced price will help bring some cash in.
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Re: The new season at level 3 and 4

10 Dec 2020 11:56 am:

Gammo, you played for League & Richians !

As for finding other things to do on a Sat afternoon, shopping probably isn't one of them.

Agree though, sure it's not ideal but it's better than not playing at all. It's a step in the right direction.

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