Research into medical provision by amateur clubs

Research into medical provision by amateur clubs

Fat Taff 29 Oct 2018 15:25 pm said..

Doesn't make great reading. ... y-15342323

91 clubs surveyed and three quarters don't meet the RFU guidleines with a third not knowing if their first aiders had any first aid qualification.
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Re: Research into medical provision by amateur clubs

Gloucester Mute 30 Oct 2018 12:12 pm said..

No it doesn't.

I guess that clubs are going to have to make the effort to train-up volunteers to achieve the basic level of match-day training. We do this at Dursley and many people have basic medical qualifications via work so Sundays are well covered.

There is certainly not the money/funding to have the hordes of medics that the elite game has/needs.

The danger is that Govt legislation may be introduced along with minimum standards/certificates etc; . Would kill the lower-level teams unless they make a conscious effort to train from within.
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