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10 Jan 2020 13:48 pm:

To accuse the judiciary, and in particular the justices of the supreme court of 'bias' towards the EU based on the fact that they have, in the past, received payment from the EU is, patently, nonsense.

Many of them have worked for the EU because they have risen to the top of their profession, and are highly respected experts. They make (and made) their decision based upon the facts and evidence in front of them, not upon some supposed bias to the EU. I mean, based upon that argument, and given that all judges are paid from the public purse/HMCTS, surely they would never make a finding against the government? Clearly it is nonsensical.

I note reference to Blair creating the Supreme Court, but in reality this was just a way of moving the Supreme Court out of the House of Lords, to ensure further impartiality.

The beauty of system in England and Wales is that our judges are not elected, but appointed on merit by an independent body. Elected judges (such as in the USA) does lead to judges running upon policy platforms, and will ultimate affect their decision. The fact that some of the recent media coverage (and the conservative manifesto) has seemed to aggitate for government appointed judges makes me extremely uncomfortable.

Similarly, I see no persuasive argument for changing the entitlement to bring judicial review. It is already a complex process, where your require initial court permission to bring your application for review in order to weed out vexatious or unmeritous claims.

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