Caroline Flack

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Re: Caroline Flack

16 Feb 2020 17:25 pm:

Gloucester Mute wrote:I am sure that GRFC will sort out any DC involvement without our input. They have a duty of care.

To me this totally explains why sportspeople (and many,many others) should totally keep away from the evil/poison that is social media (and instant-access related IT).

Sadly CF will not be the last "celebrity" to get dragged into the abyss via this incredibly grubby medium.

While it is very sad when someone feels there is no other solution to their problems in this case she didnt get dragged into the internet world, people who live their lives through the web and being a "celeb" often seem to lose touch with reality, perhaps the world would be a happier place without it
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Re: Caroline Flack

17 Feb 2020 16:47 pm:

SIBARITE - I respectfully point out that your posts, criticising other poster's comments is doing exactly what you are arguing against. You can't have your own opinion whilst denying others of theirs, however much you dislike it.

As for Caroline, RIP young lady. Terrible that anyone should decide this course of action. It has wider implications too, for her family and friends.

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