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24 Aug 2020 12:32 pm:

SonofPricey wrote:1. In 2001, the Proms dropped much of the bombastic jingoism (which I don't have a particular problem with) following the 9/11 attacks for more contemplative pieces - I seem to remember Barber's Adagio for Strings. Considering the COVID pandemic I don't feel it would be out of place to do something similar.

2. These articles and pieces are not the aims of BLM or serious people who want greater equality. Often they are nonsense and lies, made up to turn people against a wider movement. Or, they are over-reactions by otherwise well-meaning people who fail to consult the very groups they aim to 'help' or support.

3. This raging against the 'woke agenda' is nearly always manufactured. In the same way that the right wing press invented stories about the EU and bendy bananas they are doing exactly the same here. For context, one of the best examples I have seen in recent years is the difference in how the Express, Mail etc treat the Duchess of Sussex and Duchess of Cambridge

Now of course, their major issue with Meghan could be related to her being American or a divorcee. However I would suggest that there is another reason.

Can I suggest that this thread is moved to Non-rugby?

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Re: Bye Big Chief

24 Aug 2020 18:36 pm:

Gloucester Mute wrote:
madders wrote:The BBC hates AngloSaxon heterosexual males, British history, customs and heritage. They are so woke l can’t watch a lot of their programmes and Points West seems particularly bad.
I have always paid my dues, but l am sorely tempted to give the TV licence a miss as they seem to flout their obligation to be impartial and to broadcast programmes for their entire audience. They seem to concentrate on targeting a minority of their audience.

Oh no !! There goes something else !! Dursley RFC usually hold a Last Night of the Proms for the town and it is much enjoyed and appreciated. Where will it end indeed ?? ... s-protests

Can you provide an update to this. People getting angry by something which isn’t happening on a programme few of them watch. There are people out there who I am convinced like to get angry, no matter what the veracity of the subject is.

This makes me sad.
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Re: Bye Big Chief

24 Aug 2020 18:43 pm:

Can I say I am looking forward to Bristol v Exeter tomorrow evening, no bears and no chiefs, just rugby.
Just for confirmation, no Gloucester Lions either, ever!
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Re: Bye Big Chief

25 Aug 2020 21:50 pm:

Instrumental this year due to covid restrictions, back to "normal" next year.

Reading and believing the Express remains bad for mental health.
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Re: Bye Big Chief

14 Dec 2020 03:17 am:

First Washington drop "Redskins" from their name and now Cleveland are going to drop "Indians". ... LmXl78ngTx

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