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31 Jul 2020 21:42 pm:

Didn't stop the chaos in Bristol from another who made some money from the proceeds of the slave trade.
The problem is that in those times all money and business was tied up with the world scommerce and that would somewhere have involved slave work. I smile at the sanctamonious comments of today..... when they are viewed in 150 yrs time and are then viewed in a very different light.
We all can only live and be valued in the times we live in. The past is the past and is best left there for better or worse.
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Re: Bye Big Chief

31 Jul 2020 22:03 pm:

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Re: Bye Big Chief

31 Jul 2020 22:22 pm:

He didn't own slaves, however: Taylor used profits he made trading cotton that was acquired from plantations that used slave labour to found the newspaper.
The Manchester Guardian on the liberator of America’s slaves Abraham Lincoln.

“It was an evil day both for America and the world when he was chosen President of the United States” Manchester Guardian, 10th October 1862

On news of his assassination, the Guardian described Lincoln’s Proclamation of Emancipation – the act that declared “all persons held as slaves are, and henceforward shall be free.” as abhorrent

The newspaper’s founder, John Edward Taylor, made his money in the cotton trade – an industry that prospered on the backs of cotton-picking slaves. After his death in 1844, the paper continued its relationship with its cotton merchant advertisers, going as far as demanding Manchester’s cotton workers, who refused to touch cotton picked by US slaves, should be forced back into work.
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Re: Bye Big Chief

01 Aug 2020 05:53 am:

The Scott Trust commissioned an investigation into Taylor's business history and could find no evidence of any slave-holding.

It is true that the MG supported the South in its editorials, but the newspaper of that period was a very different entity to the one that CP Scott created ten years later as a promoter of social reform and progressive causes. Suggesting there was perfect continuity between the Guardian of the antebellum period to the one that succeeded it is a bit like saying The Sun, left-leaning in the old days, was the same newspaper after its takeover by Murdoch.

The point about the Mail is that its policy of allowing its broadly right-wing philosophy to prevail over truth and decency has never really faltered over the decades. It was, after all, the inventor of Fake News nearly a century ago, in the shape of the Zinoviev letter. [Note the anti-semitic trope BTW].
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Re: Bye Big Chief

01 Aug 2020 08:41 am:

Sat here in the garden having breakfast with sun breaking through ...watching Chiefs v Crusaders and thinking are they having any issues in NZ with their franchise naming conventions........

....the other meandering at this time of day is how would they market a Saracens v Crusaders this brave new world that doesn’t offend anyone?
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Re: Bye Big Chief

01 Aug 2020 08:47 am:

NZ has demonstrated it’s way ahead of us, just as Jacinda Ardern has consistently done politically.

Crusaders have already rebranded. They changed their logo and marketed the name as representative of crusading for social justice etc, distancing it from any medieval connections.
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Re: Bye Big Chief

01 Aug 2020 09:56 am:

OG, HPF, Leb... some great and insightful posts, thanks
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Re: Bye Big Chief

01 Aug 2020 11:46 am:

Insightful posts. I agree with plenty of the sentiments expressed - and I’ve learnt a fair bit too.

History lessons aside though, isn’t expressing support to an ethnic minority (whose heritage has been plundered for commercial gain and without respect, permission or forethought) simply a kind and thoughtful thing to do?
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Re: Bye Big Chief

01 Aug 2020 12:31 pm:

Thanks OG. Perfect summary .
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Re: Bye Big Chief

01 Aug 2020 19:10 pm:


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