Premier players taking the knee

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Re: Premier players taking the knee

11 Aug 2020 12:18 pm:

tigerchef wrote:Mr GR. With all due respect I think you should do some research. Find out who the leader of BLM in the UK is (Joshua Virasami) find out about the other groups he is associated with (The Wretched of the Earth) and one of their stated aims is the disbandment of the Police.

Again. Why do you wish to lose the power of your vote and have a Marxist state?

With all due respect there are ZERO leaders of BLM, he is self appointed, its like me saying I'm leader of the Raving Loony Party - just because I say it doesn't make it true.

And again disbanding the police has already been debunked and called stupid.

Have you looked into Wretched of the Earth? They are not exactly an evil movement :lol:
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Re: Premier players taking the knee

11 Aug 2020 12:21 pm:

Listen to Ugo on the subject, plus the Gloucester connection.
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Re: Premier players taking the knee

11 Aug 2020 12:27 pm:

That we have some right to turn those less fortunate than us away who are seeking some form of safety or better life doesn't sit right with me.[/quote]

Morally we have no right, as you say it's by pure chance we are born where we are. I wouldn't class myself as a liberal, but refugees should be given the chance to start their life again in peace. Likewise specific industry and roles which require migration should be given preference and support from the UK government. Working in the construction industry you come across a broad spectrum of ethnicities, cultures and backgrounds which all intermingle and bring their own flavour of life with them, and it's great.

I would have thought any genuine argument to restrict migration or better control it would fall in the demographic who land in between the above. Anyone who wants to come to the UK to contribute, in terms of bringing positive elements of their own culture, tax revenue, then more power to them.
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Re: Premier players taking the knee

11 Aug 2020 12:29 pm:

I’m sorry but the BLM movement founders have clearly expressed a stronger broader agenda than most realise...Not to say the current motive isn’t the correct one.

I think ‘taking the knee’ is symbolic to Americans and really doesn’t have much meaning to most of us middle class white Englishmen from the shires, brought up in era where blacks and white strangers were viewed with equal suspicion.

If I didn’t take the opportunity to ‘take the knee’ I a racist?

Please don’t tell me there isn’t a problem in rugby....a few years ago I had to enforce a bit of self regulation on some so called fans on the Tump who were clearly and disgracefully abusing Jordan Turner-Hall ...I’ve never been so ashamed to come from Gloucestershire....but proud that I stood up to them to shut them up. I’ll stand up for ALL minorities, race creed, colour or sexuality.

I think this topic has so little to do with rugby it should be moved OT somewhere....
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Re: Premier players taking the knee

11 Aug 2020 12:35 pm:

If I didn’t take the opportunity to ‘take the knee’ I a racist?

This is really important - no one should be judged for their choice on this, to take a knee, do something else symbolic or nothing at all.
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Re: Premier players taking the knee

11 Aug 2020 12:49 pm:

Not every Driver In F1 bent the knee and though Hamilton threw his dolls out of the pram, it was an individual choice.
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Re: Premier players taking the knee

11 Aug 2020 12:57 pm:

We’ve been there before (many times) about ‘hate’ in a sporting context. I’m not sure too many of my fellow countrymen genuinely ‘hate’ the English. Go to the Islands and you’ll find a sizeable number of English incomers co-existing happily with the Scots. A number on here ‘hate’ Bath... outside of a small number of politicians I’m not sure I hate anyone.
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Re: Premier players taking the knee

11 Aug 2020 13:08 pm:

Frankly it’s more powerful if it’s a free choice rather than a requirement.

I think what often happens & what might be happening here is that you have a fundamentally reasonable reason for protest, such as subconscious racism felt by many people in society. One identified this is generally supported by right-minded society.

Some sections of society are unsupportive and the media which feed this group (let’s call them the Daily Mail) finds stories to undermine the protest. EG highlighting views of extreme members of the group (Marxism, disband the police) or extreme examples of how the protest is manifesting itself (eg the children’s book quoted above or editing 70s sitcoms). This then gives the unsupportive members of the society and excuse to say “are you a Marxist” or “ Fawlty towers was of its time and is still funny” and to write off the entire movement.

Fundamentally the original premise is still valid & should be supported, not undermined by focussed reporting.
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Re: Premier players taking the knee

11 Aug 2020 13:31 pm:

Spot on Lovejoy.

I was careful in my original post to list various (but by no means all) forms of discrimination. This is not just about race, but about individuals attitudes to people who "are not like them", in whatever form that takes.

And, FWIW, I would not take the knee. It is a meaningful gesture in the US but has no real meaning here. To me it is more important to behave in an inclusive and supportive way. Its not hard. Or detrimental.
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