Sir Lewis

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Re: Sir Lewis

03 Jan 2021 10:08 am:

I guess we could start with tougher punishments for racist acts?

Educational reform that addresses school curriculum?

Legislation that helps to tackle financial inequality?

This all kicked started with the police problems in the USA - and BLM was active way before George Floyd. Maybe start throwing these policemen into jail?
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Re: Sir Lewis

03 Jan 2021 12:09 pm:

Racism, financial inequalities and political/class-differences go back to the beginning of time and is a global issue.

B0llocks to simply cite George Floyd and US police. It's part of mankind's (dubious and rather shameful) long history. We are where we are.

The issues will not disappear quickly, if ever at all, so it's incumbent on us all to try and work together with education, social awareness, tolerance and encouragement of diversity/inclusion.

It will take generations + it will still exist to many degrees despite progress constantly being made.
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Re: Sir Lewis

03 Jan 2021 12:20 pm:

Sadly very true mute. It will never be completely eradicated so it needs continued efforts and reminders else we will see it raise its ugly head again. We have already seen racists feel empowered in recent years whereas many thought (including me) that it wasn’t really a problem anymore.

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