For insomniacs

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Re: For insomniacs

08 Feb 2021 15:27 pm:

Yeah I saw that. My point was - take a couple of those out and the list is very different.
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Re: For insomniacs

08 Feb 2021 15:30 pm:

I’ve seen a few others that put it at 9, one at 11 I think.. surprising as I thought it would be a top 5, maybe top 3, to be fair..

But if you take a couple of criteria out like all the money ones and base it on sweat, or effort, Steve Redgrave is a podium finisher.. not to diminish his career in any way but world-all-time-greatest sportsman? Bit of a stretch..
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Re: For insomniacs

08 Feb 2021 15:40 pm:

Surely it's participants not viewers that count ??
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