Harry and Meghan's TV interview

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Harry and Meghan's TV interview

06 Mar 2021 07:32 am:

Being shown 9 pm Monday on ITV.

I'm not usually inclined to watch such interviews ; but not withstanding any potential controversial issue ( which don't really interest me ) I do find them an interesting couple.

The big question in all of this is how will Harry and Meghan manage to get more privacy while still remaining public figures? . We should perhaps respect them for their wishes and individuality . They have the potential to influence the younger generations in the pursuit of "good" causes; but somehow being interviewed for prime time viewing TV stations in the USA and the UK appears somewhat contradictory in their alleged quest for more privacy ?.

CBS and Oprah’s company Harpo Productions will rake in millions, reportedly syndicating to more than 70 countries. All that though doesn't negate their right to be heard.

Some have said that the timing is poor with recent developments , and maybe the airing could have been delayed ?. Whatever the discussion points surrounding this there would perhaps never have been a "good" time to show the interview.

Comparisons with the Duke and Duchess of Windsor are inevitable; but in reality there are far more dissimilarities than similarities . Perhaps they are striving to find privacy although still wanting to offer something valuable in terms of supporting the values that they both believe in. Without a high degree of publicity this is surely almost impossible ?.

Finding the level of privacy that the former were able to may not be quite so easy.
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Re: Harry and Meghan's TV interview

06 Mar 2021 09:34 am:

I’m no royalist, I think it should be pared back to monarch and direct lineage only but maintain the palaces to keep the tourists coming in, make this self sufficient.

They fact Harry and Meghan have gone to do their own thing is perfectly fine. Their life their choice.

The issue I have is that they were hounded out by the tabloid press. Some of the stories written for example “Is Meghan’s favourite snack fuelling drought and murder?” “...Why do I have a niggling worry about this ...picture”. Definite undertones here if you join the dots. I’m glad they’ve gone through the process of holding the abhorrent press to account. Our tabloids are a vile stain on the nation.
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Re: Harry and Meghan's TV interview

06 Mar 2021 11:12 am:

For a couple who wanted to step out of the spotlight, they're not doing a very good job.
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Re: Harry and Meghan's TV interview

06 Mar 2021 11:19 am:

Spot on DT.
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Re: Harry and Meghan's TV interview

08 Mar 2021 10:17 am:

DieTrying wrote:For a couple who wanted to step out of the spotlight, they're not doing a very good job.

Perhaps its a way of getting their view across and attempt to put it all to bed rather than to put up with years of questions and speculation.

I'm not going to watch this and deliberately make an effort to avoid the conversation around this interview. I would like to be wrong but it seems we've turned into a nasty little country the fault of which lies at the door of our media. Whatever happened to live and let live and #bekind?
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Re: Harry and Meghan's TV interview

08 Mar 2021 11:05 am:

I agree with Severus. The media in this country are awful and I hope they escape and hind some peace.

I'm not sure they expected or want to withdrawal from the spotlight per se - just the overstepping intrusion.
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Re: Harry and Meghan's TV interview

08 Mar 2021 11:44 am:

What a very sad situation for the Royal Family. No doubt it will now become UK v US media-wise with the Court of actress, Meghan, and bag-carrier, Harry, making itself available for any and all commercial bookings. The Queen and Prince of Woke......

Totally understand them wanting privacy but really going about it in a very public and unbecoming manner.

As I say, sad, and nothing at all that the Royal Family will now be able to do following accusations, true or false, of racism, bullying, mental health, suicidal thoughts and family rifts.

I suspect Harry has totally lost any control of his life. What next ?? US Love Island or Their own reality TV show.......

Sad, sad, sad. :cry: :cry:
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Re: Harry and Meghan's TV interview

08 Mar 2021 11:57 am:

It is sad Mute. We hear that they were married in a secret service a few days before the lavish big main event, paid for by the tax payer in the main - were we misled ?

I also find it sad that by all accounts the relationship between William & Harry has gone down hill big time. Harry showing loyalty to his new wife at the cost of his sibling relationship isn't new, but sad nonetheless.

Dare I say it, ok then, I will. I think Harry mas married a beautiful narcissist who has manipulated him and the situation for her own ends.

What does the future hold ? I'd like the Royal Family to stay classy and not get involved in a he / she said spat. Charles may be King soon and I suspect the only way back for Harry, if he ever wanted that, is if he & MEghan separate / divorce.
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Re: Harry and Meghan's TV interview

08 Mar 2021 14:11 pm:

The only question I have about this is 'is there anything any good on the other side tonight'.

I have absolutely no interest in MeAgain and The Fresh Prince of Bel End :oops:
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Re: Harry and Meghan's TV interview

08 Mar 2021 16:37 pm:

CGR, I can give you a brief summary of the interview.

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