County Championship Season 2021

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Re: County Championship Season 2021

15 Jul 2021 09:54 am:

Enjoyable day despite the declining hope and ultimate loss.

Bit like watching GRFC !!

Sadly some key players haven't performed when they needed to with poor lapses. James Bracey will have to go back to the drawing-board if he is ever to attain Test cricket.

Lovely day nonetheless in a wonderful setting.
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Re: County Championship Season 2021

08 Aug 2021 13:14 pm:

What is it with Glos teams? In rugby we missed out on the chance of qualifying for the Champions Cup by sacrificing our last 2 games because of Covid. Now the cricketers have done the same with regard to the Royal London trophy as today's match against Middlesex was cancelled because we only had one fit player who isn't isolating.
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Re: County Championship Season 2021

02 Sep 2021 14:00 pm:

Going along steadily against Northants. Could be do-able
What are the chances of Hammond being lbw/bowled by Procter? Our greatest player and our greatest overseas player IMHO.

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