Emma Raducanu

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Re: Emma Raducanu

13 Sep 2021 08:31 am:

The fact that you're referring to her as "the lady who won the grand national" rather than her name would suggest that it's not been that big or memorable of a deal.

Emma definitely going to win it I think. No individual achievement comes close this year.

As for SPOTY, like many programs that people used to watch in droves (especially awards ceremonies), it turns out that when there are the multitude of other entertainment options to watch people will opt out and just catch up on the main bits online.
Keyser Sose
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Re: Emma Raducanu

13 Sep 2021 11:19 am:

For balance I didn't know the forename of the tennis player and in 6 months she will probably be "the woman who won the tennis tournament" in my mind.

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