Ryder Cup

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Ryder Cup

24 Sep 2021 21:32 pm:

Who's watching?

Thinking that Europe are really going to struggle to comeback without any support to help drive them. Doesn't matter what they do there is absolutely zero crowd response for them to latch on to and get some momentum.

Also I know Bryson Dechambeau is marmite but you can't not admire his ability to hit the ball that far and that accurately. Pretty thrilling to watch.
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Re: Ryder Cup

24 Sep 2021 22:02 pm:

It doesn't sound good at the moment but the Europeans might cause a shock if they can shut up the crowd tomorrow.
I think I'd be giving McIlroy the day off tomorrow though.
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Re: Ryder Cup

25 Sep 2021 00:34 am:

For me, the most irritating and grinding thing about watching the Ryder Cup on US soil, are the creative individuals who genuinely believe that it’s original and amusing to shout “Get in the hole” after a tee shot on par 5…
One word …….Tasers

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