What did you watch last night?

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Re: What did you watch last night?

04 Oct 2021 12:48 pm:

Squid Games - Netflix

A story of a gambling addict loser with massive debts, is invited to a series of games that may solve his financial woes or kill him.

The script is a ticking clock that will glue you to the screen, as films of this genre should do by constantly making the audience question "what would I do in that case?". Despite the cold violence, gore and blood, the story does not lack at all of any of the emotional impact that it is supposed to generate.

This show is extremely emotionally and mentally draining, it truly is personally moving and simply amazing work done by the writer/creator, production staff, director and actors who simply make this show one of the greatest Limited Series TV Shows I’ve ever watched. Warning though, it is mentally horrific and the only thing I can compare it too is Freddie Burns final season at Gloucester (it is that bad!).

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Re: What did you watch last night?

04 Oct 2021 18:35 pm:

I’m two episodes into the Squid Game and hooked. Look forward to see how it pans out.

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