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Re: COVID- 19

19 Nov 2020 23:54 pm:

I see that Wuhan have launched a campaign to get the tourists back. Although it started there in Dec19, they've had no cases since May20. So based on: 1. Italian scientists reckon it appeared in Italy around Sep19 and 2. To date China has a total of 86,381 "reported" cases and a total of 4634 "reported" C-19 deaths, would you accept a free all expenses paid trip there? NOTE: Wuhan had, in 2018, a population of 11.08 Million & is the 9th most populous City in China.
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Re: COVID- 19

25 Nov 2020 13:41 pm:

I see the rules have been relaxed over Christmas and so any pretence of following the science has gone out of the window (some would argue it went ages ago/never existed) sacrificed by a populist PM making populist decisions.

I was happy to have a low key family christmas in order to protect loved ones and avoid a third peak but why bother, the decisions of the selfish impact us all unfortunately. (I will still have a quiet christmas by the way).

The only rationale for the prolonged relaxation of the rules over christmas was that perhaps people would have broken them anyway but if this is the case we have given in to the selfish.
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Re: COVID- 19

25 Nov 2020 14:08 pm:

Lovejoy people are not selfish for wanting to spend time with their families and friends, we can't lose our humanity and what makes being a human worthwhile and replace it with risk avoidance

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