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Re: COVID- 19

12 Jan 2021 21:14 pm:

That’s great news tigerchef, thanks for the update.

Bit concerned about the 30% not turning up.
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Re: COVID- 19

12 Jan 2021 21:27 pm:

tigerchef wrote:Well I can hopefully answer a few of your questions and correct some people's postings on here. I have just returned from volunteering at the Bristol Vaccination Centre at Ashston Gate and I can say that I am throughly impressed!

Yesterday they were processing 2 people in 5 minutes, today it was 3 people in 5 minutes, tomorrow it will 4 and Thursday it will be 5 people in 5 minutes.

Between 8-5 is aimed at OAP's and 5-8 is NHS and care home staff. There is no problem with supply either, they have plenty to go around and every person who is booked in has a jab with their name on it.

Now for the bad part. Every single person who has a vaccine has made an appointment. 30% of those did not attend their appointment yesterday and today.

I have no political agenda, I just wanted you all to know the truth. On a personal note, I have never seen so many people with tears in their eyes when they saw that they were about to get the vaccine. It was truly humbling.

I read that a number of over 80s are being told if they can not accept an appointment at a centre (I assume like AG) they will be rebooked for a local GP instead at a later date. I imagine this is for those who cannot drive/get lifts etc. Maybe that is the 30%.
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Re: COVID- 19

12 Jan 2021 21:37 pm:

30% was across the whole day. I was almost trampled to death by the over 80s wanting their vaccine. Between 7pm and 8pm we had 40 care home and NHS staff booked in, 7 turned up...

None of the Vaccine goes to waste, as they will roll over to the following day.
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Re: COVID- 19

12 Jan 2021 21:40 pm:

Good to hear. Would be criminal for any vaccines to go to waste.

With regard to the 30% is it the case that people are being given appointments that they are unable to make or are they actively booking slots then not showing up?
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Re: COVID- 19

12 Jan 2021 21:45 pm:

Adherence to the rules was fatally undermined by Dominic Cummings, what then kept his job. Pure and simple, in my opinion. Before that I think most were pulling together. After than it has tailed off.

Also I’m not sure why Corbyn keeps getting mentioned. It’s irrelevant what he’d done in the parallel universe now.
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Re: COVID- 19

12 Jan 2021 22:05 pm:

There was actually a spate of people caught but clearly he was the most high profile (and already reviled which helped).

I do think shedweb is only big enough for talk of one DC.
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Re: COVID- 19

12 Jan 2021 22:13 pm:

Everyone makes an appointment that they ask for. I am not sure how it is confirmed. I will ask on Thursday and get back to you.
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Re: COVID- 19

12 Jan 2021 22:29 pm:

Very interesting tigerchef, thanks for the info..
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Re: COVID- 19

12 Jan 2021 23:44 pm:

Gloucester Mute wrote:Interesting stuff Tigerchef. Well done you for volunteering.

30% no-shows for this vaccination is appalling. I assume it is automatically re-offered ?? How many times until people are struck off the list as time-wasters ?? I assume the wasted vaccine can't then be used on a new replacement ??

The 30% no shows is a worry. I believe that the Letter that went out to the target groups was a bit woolly, inviting them to get an appointment, but failed to state they could wait for a more local one. Let's be honest: If you live in Gloucester and are a target group , who's been shielding, you're hardly going to drive, if you can, 30 miles to Bristol. It's the little errors that are irritating people. Cummings was the first, BJ going 7 miles for a bike ride, when there are Parks nearer to No10 he could have cycled round, Jacob Rees-Mogg crossing Tier boundaries to go to a Latin Mass, Major Supermarkets now implementing No mask, No entry, which has actually been in place since the first lockdown. the list is endless and just erodes Public Confidence, leading to the current chaos. The latest is that vaccinated people believe that they can ignore all the rules. this one needs to be nailed quickly, but, sadly, I doubt that'll happen.
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Re: COVID- 19

13 Jan 2021 12:14 pm:

"also think that the relevance and importance of a Captain is massively underestimated by many. IF you look back at nearly all successful club/Test teams they will all have had motivational Captains whom have led from the front and/or been influential in managing tactics/the referee/implementation of game-plan. Possibly in tandem/league with several other senior players in the squad in key tactical positions within the spine of the team."

Wise words of yours on another thread, GM. Explains why all the lack of "pulling together" you're always whingeing about doesn't happen under Johnson.

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