Club position on COVID pass...

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Club position on COVID pass...

15 Aug 2021 12:25 pm:

Does anyone know what the club's position is on requiring proof of vaccination for games? Having not gone for membership this year I am considering buying tickets but would like to know the requirements before I do so - does anyone know? I cant find any info on club site...
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Re: Club position on COVID pass...

15 Aug 2021 20:24 pm:

Nothing has been announced as of yet. A curious thing for you to be concerned about when it comes to buying tickets mind...
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Re: Club position on COVID pass...

15 Aug 2021 21:04 pm:

Why is that James with Covid on the increase with the Delta variant especially why would somebody not want to know if you have to be fully vaccinated before mixing in a stadium it sounds like a relevant question to me
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Re: Club position on COVID pass...

15 Aug 2021 23:02 pm:

I’d recommend just doing what you feel comfortable doing. It’s not down to the club to stop you dying of Covid, it’s your responsibility - get vaccinated, don’t tongue random strangers (that’s a personal lesson)
Ultimately, Just don’t be vulnerable & buy a season ticket & blame the club that you can’t go to games - have tests, be sensible, it’s not a normal we’re used to but we can get back to near normality - if we don’t be dicks.
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Re: Club position on COVID pass...

16 Aug 2021 08:59 am:

Until the HM Government (in England) makes the decision one way or the other on Covid Passport, I can only assume the club are just doing what the are advised to do....the same as the rest until notified differently.

I can assure you from experience (sadly not the same as Dazza's, he says disappointingly) the delta variant is still not to be trifled with despite having two jabs of AZ.
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Re: Club position on COVID pass...

16 Aug 2021 17:06 pm:

The end of September you can't go into a nightclub (although I imagine a lot of shedweb wouldn't) or "other" large events

My guess would be "other" will refer to concerts, indoor sport and sport stadiums.

We won't know more until the government is back from its summer holiday....
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Re: Club position on COVID pass...

16 Aug 2021 18:13 pm:

Gov are baffoons

There should be compulsory wearing of a mask or shield and double jabs to attend any game, it’s the least we can do to ensure everyone is attending safely.

Those who can’t be bothered or are anti vaxxers will have to stick by their principles and not attend or get sorted like we all should.

For those who medically cannot be vaccinated, it would seem a tad too early to attend but if they can contact the club in advance so the club can accommodate them safely all good.

We’ve several years more of this by all accounts so let’s be diligent and give ourselves an opportunity to watch live sport.
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Re: Club position on COVID pass...

16 Aug 2021 18:46 pm:

In your opinion Baldhead........there are plenty that think lockdowns of any type should be lifted immediately.

The Club can choose to follow Gov advice .. or .. impose it's own entrance requirements. Why would they do that, especially if their own rules go further or are more stringent than the Gov's ?

Unless you go to the 2 in door bars, or the loos the event is outside. Plenty are attending the Cricket 100 & Test match, the football Premier matches were all well attended.

But, if you don't feel comfortable with this type of environment it's your call to attend or not.
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Re: Club position on COVID pass...

16 Aug 2021 18:49 pm:

You mean the “covid pass” isn’t one of our backs’ moves? :lol:
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Re: Club position on COVID pass...

16 Aug 2021 22:40 pm:

There was mention on MOTD of football preparing for the possibility of having to put in measures come October. The figure of 20k crowds was mentioned.

Nothing concrete as we see policy changing with the wind, but if that came to pass Kingsholm would not be affected.
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