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Wolves Biffo 12 Oct 2017 21:38 pm said..

Just tuned into the thread. Long day out! By no means a disaster for us, with 4pts for them and 1 for us. If we can win and deny them a pt at home, we win the head to head (I think). So if the group turns out to be tight, we should be OK. But my money is on winning the group straight now. Well done OW on 100% conversion rate at goal. Despite everything else, that does show some character after last week's misses - and away from home. I hope we give him time to blend in. In the end, it doesn't matter if your glass is half full or half empty. There's always room for more wine or beer!
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Re: Pau OGT

RTS2 12 Oct 2017 21:51 pm said..

Missed the beginning of the game and luckily remembered to record it ! :) Missed the OGT thread as well as was a bit like those guys out of that likely lad know the one where they avoid -or try to the football results ! :lol:

Just finished watching the match now.....gutted really as again we lost in effect from some sloppy mistakes. I don't see us holding onto Braley and haven't been impressed with him since he joined from Bristol Rugby. Williams mistake was from trying to be over-creative but his kicking for goal was good tonight. I won't be negative about this intercept but the first one was poor. We seemed plagued by them of late and I guess it's a by-product of gun - slinging style rugby. Hopefully the new approach will retain it's enthusiastic moments of individual flair and get balanced with a tad of accuracy !!. The headless - chicken always runs out of steam even though some might find it entertaining to watch.

Was pleased for young Polledri. A really good prospect and good that Glaws saw the sense in signing him. He had a very decent match. Several positive performances; including a solid one from Big Dave and most of the forwards ( apart from )- well; it's getting embarrassing watching the line-outs !!!!. :oops: . It's basics. I get it how a side can suffer in the scrum, but catching the ball when you are 6 ft 5 plus - and a professional rugby player off your own throw in should be one of the easiest things to get right. The synchronisation of all of our Hookers throw-in's and jumpers is miles away from being half-decent. It's basically rubbish and is wasting far too much possession.

The BP was deserved , but this was a match we could have won. Looking forward to the return match.
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Re: Pau OGT

Mark from Stroud 13 Oct 2017 06:25 am said..

Tuffty wrote:Given this seasons poor away form (especially the sale performance), for me success tonight would look like: a LBP as the result of scoring 3 tries following a strong, committed and accurate performance.

(Obviously a win would be super-dooper but my cynicism continues to get the better of me).

Can you let me know the lottery numbers for this weekend please? (Apart from the accurate performance bit)
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Re: Pau OGT

King Prawn Bhuna 13 Oct 2017 06:48 am said..

Not many comments about the pitch.

The surface looked very short (almost synthetic) but cut up badly at times and the conditions looked very slippery, which they looked prepared for but we certainly didn't.

Someone said it was heavily watered before the start.

Or were our handling errors just something good players don't do at home do but occur more often when we are away?
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Re: Pau OGT

Simmo468 13 Oct 2017 07:05 am said..

IMHO over the last few seasons it has been the unforced errors that reoccurringly kill us.
The line out isnt working it looks like there has been a change in system. We look to be trying complex calls all the time; if it isn't working then why not opt for a safer call.
The fight back second half showed a spirit that simply wasn't there last year and the defence was solid ; picking the LBP and keeping Pau to 4 pts could be significant.
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Re: Pau OGT

foresterinyorks 13 Oct 2017 07:11 am said..

I thought 36 put in a hell of a shift.
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Re: Pau OGT

isambardcat 13 Oct 2017 07:19 am said..

Glen Sannox wrote:
Kept Pau to 4 points, we got LBP...that might well just have won us the group.

Remember all the muttering last time that we might have been better off coming second? 8-) Mind you, that would have robbed us of that epic semifinal!
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Re: Pau OGT

Ignatov 13 Oct 2017 07:21 am said..

Regarding the intercepted OW cross kick the real question is whether it was the wrong decision or not, the execution wasn't quite right and Halai picked it off well but should OW have kicked? The field was fairly congested and we had a 3 to 1 overlap on the wing so, in my view, it wasn't the wrong decision and could possibly have been the best way to get the score. Sadly it didn't work but as others have said, stopping Pau from getting a TBP and getting a LBP was a good result.
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Re: Pau OGT

Stroud Wizard 13 Oct 2017 08:03 am said..

Pleased to see that Owen Williams is being spared complete castigation for his unwise and poorly executed kick. He is undoubtedly a class act and his distribution skills and kicking game will help to bring the best out of players around him. He is however not alone in sometimes trying the impossible including the occasional pass which looks ripe for interception. As others have said Gloucester's current policy of taking more risks with the ball in hand does give the green light to some risky passes. It is heart in the mouth stuff at times. Can see more crucial interceptions unless a few players are reined in a bit. I accept it is a careful balancing act but Gloucester do not seem to have it right yet. It may well be a matter of time as the team and coaching staff settle in. Gloucester's Director of Rugby has the experience and international record of getting all of those things right so I trust he will have a crucial input.
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Re: Pau OGT

Baz 13 Oct 2017 08:17 am said..

Agreed Stroud wizard. They frighten me at the moment when we are playing in our own 22. It's great stuff for the neutrals though. Hopefully more 'Ole' moments to come than 'oh no' but it had to get worse before it get's better. Considering the stuff we are trying, we are doing ok. A half decent decent result in France last night and 3 from 6 in the Premiership. Learning on the job and just about getting away with it.
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