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Mr GTS 12 Aug 2019 21:31 pm said..

The squad is pretty much what I predicted, and I won't add to the 'why isn't DC' there brigade as it has been done to death and like pretty much every other Glaws fan would have him there! However England's loss is our gain. I was impressed with yesterday and have some growing optimism!

My thoughts, Piers Francis? Why? What does he offer? I'm guessing Te'o's indiscretion is his lucky break. Think someone like Atkinson would offer more. I would have taken an extra Tight head, I think it's brave going with just the 2 and had them at the expense of McConnochie as I think 5 wingers/fb would be enough, especially as some of the centre options could cover there. You've got to feel for Williams missing out there.

Finally I know he was never in contention as wasn't in the training squad but do think would've been worth taking Robshaw. One thing the squad really lacks are leaders especially with WC experience and he ticks all those boxes!

Unfortunately for Morgan and Thorley the back row really is an embarrassment of riches for England and Thorley just got injured at the wrong time in the season. He is still young and his time will come!

Now time to get behind the team, and bring on the World Cup!
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Re: England RWC'19 Squad

tigerchef 12 Aug 2019 23:16 pm said..

madders wrote:Tigerchef....you missed our two very dependable props.

Think Vickery and Woodman are getting on a bit.
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Re: England RWC'19 Squad

glawfindel 13 Aug 2019 11:39 am said..

TP17 wrote:Absolutely delighted for Willi, so well deserved.

The thing that worries me is that if EJ hadn't given Heinz a chance then we’d have 0 players going to the World Cup after finishing 3rd.

Apart from Mostert, Polledri and Braley, most likely. And maybe Chris Harris
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Re: England RWC'19 Squad

Number8 13 Aug 2019 12:11 pm said..

the last time England had a Gloucester scrum half in the RWC squad we won it, so we must be nailed on favourites ;)
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Re: England RWC'19 Squad

Vanman 13 Aug 2019 19:02 pm said..

Although I am gutted for Cips EJ is putting together a very formidable team.

As a springbok supporter I can guarantee you that all of the SH sides are taking note of what is happening here.

EJ is a astute coach who have been planning for this RWC well in advance and in detail. Bringing in John Mitchell was also a masterstroke albeit as a 'defence coach'. Im sure JM influence on the england attack and more faster and free-flowing style of play is also evident.

England is peaking just at the right time and although they looked directionless at times last year, they are very much a different team in 2019.

Teams are less likely to kick possession away these days and rather keep hold of the ball. This results in teams defending for large periods...defence will be vital and personally, this is maybe what cost DC his spot to Ford. In the same breath, Heinz has been excellent defensively for gloss. He fully deserves his spot!

I was very impressed with the way england played against Wales.... the "A-team' will feel the pressure as some guys put in one helluva shift!

What a WC this is shaping up to be!
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Re: England RWC'19 Squad

TP17 13 Aug 2019 19:11 pm said..

Sorry glawfindel, I meant in the England squad.
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Re: England RWC'19 Squad

madders 13 Aug 2019 19:59 pm said..

The inclusion of Heinz makes the exclusion of Cipriani even more ridiculous. Is his rapid rise in the ranks , although totally justified, a further act of spite by Eddie?
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Re: England RWC'19 Squad

Not1eyed 13 Aug 2019 20:57 pm said..

I think you might over think things at times Madders. Perhaps EJ just saw some qualities in Heinz that he hasn’t seen in Spencer so decided to give him a chance, which he took by performing in training and against Wales. Nothing to do with Cipriani at all. Hopefully now you can see your perceived Harlequins bias is not the case.
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Re: England RWC'19 Squad

madders 13 Aug 2019 22:05 pm said..

Why not read my post again, as you don’t seem to understand it.
I’ve only ever been wrong once; l thought l was wrong, but l was wrong!
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Re: England RWC'19 Squad

colinboag 14 Aug 2019 04:30 am said..

I understand now: EJ's selections are not him trying to win the RWC, but are driven by spite, and presumably an anti-Glaws bias! Remarkable.
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