It is that bad

Re: It is that bad

RTS2 22 Nov 2019 03:16 am said..

We miss the Slater - Mostert factor .

We need a Will James - Sav in the squad . GG is a very good player but we need attrition .

We need a strong third 9 . Sorry but Braley isn't interacting well with Cips and just is not good enough IMO.

We need two strong scrummaging tight heads. After last seasons good performance Balmain is being exposed . Everyone seems to have worked him out . There are several very decent Tightheads out there who won't break the bank and who could do the job . OK one or two in their early to mid 30's - but so what ?? . I hope they are looking in the right place .

We need a hole punch of a 12 . Why doesn't someone give Merab a call ? . I still think he would answer a lot of questions .

We need an impact Hooker . Our first choice is badly missed and I don't think his back up' s have thus been anywhere near convincing .

Apart from the above we have some class players and a wealth of talent in the back row .

Our ball handling has been atrocious at times and for some reason we have become try line shy .

Our running lines are readable and not direct enough between 10 and 12 . This axis with the linkage in the back row is where our go- forward attacks need to be patented ! . At the moment they are woefully under exploited !!!.

As for the sentiments of the thread ; well I think many will echo Barry's frustration at how the season has started . Three more losses on the trot and I think it will be asked on here by quite a few more of us. It's perhaps too early to start to panic ; but some aspects of our start to the season have exposed some significant weaknesses and these do need addressing . I'm reasonably confident they will be .

We are missing WH captaincy and his direction on the pitch .

We need a back up for Cips .

We need to go to France and win the next match . This will turn the tide IMO .
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Re: It is that bad

timrob1969 22 Nov 2019 08:17 am said..

westglos wrote:Wasn't feeling too downhearted about on the pitch stuff - and then I saw that Westlife were coming....meanwhile, Ashton Gate gets The Killers...

With Manic Street Preachers supporting! And I have tickets.

I'm sure Kingsholm will have something else this summer.
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Re: It is that bad

Original Tetley 22 Nov 2019 08:28 am said..

R2D2 you seem to be saying we need to sign 6 new players. Let's be realistic - plus when the weather improves we'll be much more of a handful. Also take issue with the need for a better 3rd choice scrum half. When Willie is back he and Joe will be as strong a pair of 9s as there is in the league. I doubt many will have as strong a 3rd choice as Braley - that's before we consider Chapman who looks very tidy to me. At 9 we're just fine. A top level prop, ideally tight head, is all I really want - plus Hanson to get back asap.

Cips hasn't set the world on fire yet this season but he's not had much decent ball and the weather hasn't helped him find any rhythm. Patience on that one.

I don't share the general pessimism of this thread. Yes we have some work ons and yes we were crap against Tigers & Sarries, but it's not as bad as some make out IMO.
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Re: It is that bad

Steve M 22 Nov 2019 08:51 am said..

We are competing in a rugby competition that will be played through the English winter and are using the excuse (including our head coach apparently) that we cant play well when its wet ... really ? :o
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Re: It is that bad

foresterinyorks 22 Nov 2019 09:35 am said..

You make a good point SM but to be fair to OT he was not excusing the bad performances in relation to bad weather. He was implying that things would improve with better weather.
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Re: It is that bad

spanish exile 22 Nov 2019 09:56 am said..

Another way of looking at things is its still early days, we have just lost to the Champions of England, Europe & France which probably was always likely.
Every team will always want new & better players but we have to cut our cloth accordingly complying with cap etc. + those that we have haven't become bad players over night, they did pretty well last season so sure they will gel & come good.

Still glass half full time!!
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Re: It is that bad

TheOtherJonny 22 Nov 2019 10:15 am said..

I have probably missed this in all of the Sarries/We Are Rubbish hype at the moment, apologies, but can anyone tell me what is going on with Owen Williams please? :?:
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Re: It is that bad

covglaws 22 Nov 2019 10:30 am said..

Theotherjonny wrote:I have probably missed this in all of the Sarries/We Are Rubbish hype at the moment, apologies, but can anyone tell me what is going on with Owen Williams please? :?:

Almost forgotten about him. Last season it was GG, this season maybe its OWs turn on the naughty step. :shock:
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Re: It is that bad

coleser 22 Nov 2019 11:04 am said..

Glass half full. You can’t win every game. You can’t play brilliantly every week. Coaches make mistakes - they’re human. Players don’t always hit top form - they’re human too.

I’ll judge the success of this season when there isn’t a ‘r’ in the month.

We are the greatest club in the world. That never changes.
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Re: It is that bad

Lewi7 22 Nov 2019 11:52 am said..

All starts up front, doesn't it ?

If this is true then winning & being confident in winning our own ball on our own set piece has to be a given, currently it's not & that lack of confidence will spread through the team.

Then, when we have won the ball we've managed to mess up with handling errors, or poor kicking, which simply hands the ball over & stops us building any phases.

It's simple to say, far more difficult to do, but
- secure ball at scrum & lineout
- always look for & play quick ball
- get players into position quicker, both in attack & defence
- Finally - cut the mistakes.
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