It is that bad

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Re: It is that bad

02 Dec 2019 02:04 am:

I think it only fair that we can feel justified in criticising JA a little bit now, god forbid.

He's really got the pre-season quite wrong and undervalued it's worth and I'm not convinced he's that strategically strong - motivating a team is one thing, but tactics and gameplay are very different.

Why on earth would you have Polledri on the bench??? If we're not careful he will be offski when his contract expires. I really don't see Braley as an 'impact' player, if that was the plan (first 40 with Braley, 2nd 40 with Simpson, surely).

A close game, but one one we should really have won if we're targetting a top 6 finish this year. Really not looking great and it feels as if we've stood still this year and others have really surpassed us. I don't think we'll be relegated but a top 6 finish will be highly unlikely.
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Re: It is that bad

02 Dec 2019 06:56 am:

Having listened to the podcast yesterday both Slater and Atkinson said that the squad are actually in a better place than this time last year and feel they're still progressing. My initial worry is, does that now mean that they're too comfortable?
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Re: It is that bad

02 Dec 2019 07:22 am:

I take all the comments here and there is a consistency of view. We are slow to click into gear but the gears are beginning to mesh. However, last evening in a low state after the defeat, I had a Nigel Davies flash back. Do you remember when Nigel told us that one day this team will give someone a pasting - or words to that effect? Well we didn’t and I just hope that we are not moving into ND territory. In the meantime we must give the lads our 110% support - as we will.
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Re: It is that bad

02 Dec 2019 07:32 am:

So we are getting there ... but when will we arrive, the season is just about 25% over already ?
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Re: It is that bad

02 Dec 2019 09:34 am:

Didn’t Falcons finish 4th and make the playoffs the season before they were relegated? :shock: :shock:
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Re: It is that bad

02 Dec 2019 09:44 am:

Not playing as well as we'd like = sensible discussion.
Not winning a close game = standard Shedweb fare?!?
Even the mention of relegation in early December = OTT, surely?

I've met JA and I was impressed. I think we are playing the long game and I have faith we'll come good later in the season....but I want to see some silly things sorted now, and we all know winning is a habit.

Interesting comments from the two coaches involved in yesterday's other match. Pat Lam frustrated & disappointed despite 3 points from a draw.

Bristol Bears head coach Pat Lam:

"It's frustrating and disappointing. It feels like a loss as we had a situation where we had the possibility of winning and getting five points and we let it go.
"We left so many points out there, either from the boot or the last pass and we gave them soft points too.
"Today wasn't his day (Sheedy) but we had enough chances to win it elsewhere. The bottom line is we blew the game. We have to learn from it."

London Irish director of rugby Declan Kidney:

"It was one of the better draws I have been involved in as you don't want to go down to 14 men against a flowing side like Bristol.
"The one thing you can't coach is attitude but I thought we had bucket loads of that today.
"We are a strange bunch, we are from all over the world with 12 nationalities yet they are prepared to do it for each other. We are a growing team and I count myself lucky to be in this job."
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Re: It is that bad

02 Dec 2019 10:56 am:

I'm with Baz on this. Really thought we had the chance to make progress this season especially given that we weren't massively affected by World Cup call-ups. Thought that would give us the chance to get 'early points on the board'. As it turns out we've won 2 from 11 and one of those (against Sale) was fortunate. Wasps were poor and look like being at the wrong end of the table come the end of the season, but really Sarries (2nd team), Tigers and Quins should have been there for the taking. Losing becomes a habit, as does winning.
I'm normally 'glass half-full' but have been really underwhelmed with the start to the season. I find it perplexing that when players are making strange/odd decisions on the pitch (eg running everything from our 22) that the coaching team aren't able to put that right during the game (or even at half-time). Also would love to see evidence of some sort of a Plan B.
Ackermann has rightly been praised for his team ethos and ability to engender a squad spirit. I would hope that that ability encompasses being able to hand out a bit of 'tough love' when it's needed. This just might be an appropriate time.
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Re: It is that bad

02 Dec 2019 11:04 am:

madders wrote:Didn’t Falcons finish 4th and make the playoffs the season before they were relegated? :shock: :shock:

Good job we finished 3rd then. Look out Northampton!
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Re: It is that bad

02 Dec 2019 12:17 pm:

I posted on the Quins OGT yesterday a couple of critical comments about Johan. Didn’t go down very well. Perhaps I was a little harsh. I don’t take Gloucester defeats very well. However, it is entirely right in my view that we question our head coach. We have criticised the squad individually & collectively. We have also criticised the defence coach, the forwards coach, the scrum coach, the attack coach & the strength & conditioning team. It’s only right that when we make the kind of start that we have this season, then Johan should shoulder his fair share. He has just had the longest pre season in history & from what I have seen he has wasted it.
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Re: It is that bad

02 Dec 2019 12:39 pm:

I would counter the title of the thread as 'it isn't that bad'.

They are close and it will come. Most teams have a wobble period and a boom period. So hopefully they will be playing their best at the right time of the season!

I'm as frustrated as the next person - but also reflect that every game has been winnable and it's fine margins.

We had some scrum problems - and the coaches addressed.
We had some line-out problems - and the coaches addressed.

Gloucester's back play has become predictable and teams are well prepared. The centres really pose no threat at all and we could really use a bosher at 12. Suck some defenders in and give the wingers space.

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