Positivity thread

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16 May 2020 08:57 am:

I went to the same school as Mr Wyman same year as his brother i think
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Re: Positivity thread

17 May 2020 08:10 am:

Plum Crazy, Leonard Clark

When summer ends at Blaisdon in Gloucestershire, orchards stagger with plums,
And trees are full of jellied sweetness, fruit ripe for cupping hands:
On every dangling branch red globes hang in clusters like daytime stars
Seen through a fret of leafy skies and ladders titter-tottering in the sun.
Over damp, trampled-down grass scamper black, squealing pigs
Chased hither thither by plum-glutted children to cool, brackened sties,
And cows lie and ruminate by heaps of wasp-haunted windfalls
Then women come with cider jugs spilling over from underneath the thatch
Winding a dozen or so figures of eight in and out the half-raped trees
To where, in chequered shade, the men wipe sweating brows and streaming eyes
With spotted handkerchiefs and hands skin smooth from touching powdered bloom
Talking on their Parnassian hill a language older far than plums and pigs
And picking only ends when lanes are loud with waggons basket-crammed.
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Re: Positivity thread

18 May 2020 07:34 am:

By Severn, Ivor Gurney

If England, her spirit lives anywhere
It is by Severn, by hawthorns and grand willows
Earth heaves up twice a hundred feet in air
And ruddy clay-falls scooped out to the weedy shallows.
There in the brakes of May spring has her chambers,
Robing-rooms of hawthorn, cowslip, cuckoo flower -
Wonder complete changes for each square joy's hour,
Past thought miracles are there and beyond numbers.
If for the drab atmospheres and managed lighting
In London town, Oriana's playwrights had
Wainlode her theatre and then coppice-clad
Hill for her ground of sauntering and idle waiting,
Why, then I think, our chiefest glory of pride
(The Elizabethans of Thames, south and northern side)
Would nothing of its meeding be denied,
And her sons praises from England's mouth again be outcried
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Re: Positivity thread

19 May 2020 09:26 am:

John Helps, FW Harvey

John Helps a wer an honest mon;
The perry that a made
Wer crunched vrom purs as honest
As ever tree displayed.

John Helps a wer an honest mon;
The dumplings that a chewed
Wer made vrom honest apples
As Autumn ever growed.

John Helps a wer an honest mon
And I be sorry a's dead.
Perry and honest men be scarce
These days, 'tiz zed

The below is from J L Carr's 1969 pictoral map of Gloucestershire

Ther I wer born an' my vather, an'his, an'his bevore un. None of us ever owned a rood o' land. Us lived sucking in th' sweet air. Brute health wer our portion.
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Re: Positivity thread

20 May 2020 06:41 am:

The Roman Villa - Chedworth, Jim Turner

Did Tribune or Centurion
Find solace in a British home
Where colder Cotswold rivers run,
Far from the Tiber, far from Rome?

Would tired, aching eyelids close-
Weary of Legions' endless march -
And sandalled feet find lost repose
Under the slender hazels' arch?

In mossy earth the seekers find
Buckle and brooch that decked a bride
Whose alien thought perplexed his mind,
Whose Celtic beauty snared his pride.

The bluebell tide still drowns the wood.
Hidden, the valley-lily lies
Where arum folds its secret hood.
Pale primroses spread paradise.

The withered bracken's russet lace
Curtains the grave where ages rust.
The flowers that jewel this English place
Soon mingle with the Roman dust.
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Re: Positivity thread

20 May 2020 07:27 am:

Good to see Mostert tweeting today that he can't wait to get back on the field at Kingsholm.
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Re: Positivity thread

20 May 2020 07:50 am:

Mostert, Slater, Grobler and Craig; a terrific set of locks
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Re: Positivity thread

20 May 2020 09:34 am:

Hero in the making
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Re: Positivity thread

20 May 2020 11:26 am:

Tardibigge another superb set of locks :D .
Agree with Marcus and TP17 great second rows.
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Re: Positivity thread

20 May 2020 12:03 pm:

Captain Sir Tom Moore's knighthood . Whilst a bit OTT IMHO has to be good for the nation's mood...…..
Nothing wrong with free speech or having an opinion - as long as it matches mine !!

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