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Re: Positivity thread

23 May 2020 12:01 pm:

Where did you get the fence paint? Mine’s ran out and l can’t find anyone who has any stock? :o
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Re: Positivity thread

23 May 2020 12:15 pm:

madders wrote:Where did you get the fence paint? Mine’s ran out and l can’t find anyone who has any stock? :o

Move over bitcoin, stand down toilet paper ...fence paint is the new currency......Have you tried Screwfix, I picked some up with some decking stain the other day the range was limited but it saved QPB from running out of jobs whilst the washing machine was still on its various cycles.
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Re: Positivity thread

23 May 2020 13:00 pm:

[quote="King Prawn Bhuna"] Have just spent a couple of hours re-potting the chlamydia

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: Were it that simple KPB!!!!
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Re: Positivity thread

23 May 2020 14:26 pm:

[quote="King Prawn Bhuna"]Eva Dobell? Would that be any relation to the legendry Mr Dobell the Wines and Spirits Merchant from Cheltenham? Lovely little pub that used to be....

Yes her father was Clarence Mason Dobell, vintner and her uncle Sydney was an eminent Victorian poet. She was born in the 1870s in Charlton Kings and was writing in the same years as Sassoon, Gurney and the Dymock lot.
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Re: Positivity thread

23 May 2020 15:51 pm:

Peanutcoxy wrote:
Gloucester Mute wrote:Back to positivity, poetry and Captain Tom !!

Some very welcome rain-showers this morning to help the parched lawn and flower-beds.

And yet more fence painting. I’m sure we’re doing next door’s now

You say that my son in law painted his. and then asked his elderly neighbour if she minded him painting her side to help keep it preserved. She had no objection so he went over and painted it as he was cleaning up she said "oh youve finished! I thought you were going to do both sides" he replied he would but he didnt have enough paint so she opened the shed door showing him she had got the same brand and colour there waiting. So he painted the other side for her.she did drop some cans of beer around for him afterwards but he says she played him like a trout
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Re: Positivity thread

23 May 2020 15:59 pm:

Caldi, that's a great story :D
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Re: Positivity thread

23 May 2020 20:37 pm:

madders wrote:Where did you get the fence paint? Mine’s ran out and l can’t find anyone who has any stock? :o

Homebase. Call them first as they run out of stock quickly
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Re: Positivity thread

24 May 2020 06:19 am:

May Garden, John Drinkwater

Shower of green gems on my apple-tree
This first morning of May
Has fallen out of the night, to be
Herald of holiday -
Bright gems of green that, fallen there,
Seem fixed and glowing on the air.

Until a flutter of blackbird wings
Shakes and makes the boughs alive,
And the gems are now no frozen things,
But apple-green buds to thrive
On sap of my May garden, how well
The green September globes will tell.

Also my pear-tree has its buds,
But they are silver yellow,
Like autumn meadows when the floods
Are silver under willow,
And here shall long and shapely pears
Be gathered while the autumn wears.

And there are sixty daffodils
Beneath my wall.
And jealousy it is that kills
This world when all
The spring's behaviour here is spent
To make the world magnificent.
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Re: Positivity thread

25 May 2020 07:38 am:

Lovers, Edward Thomas

The two men in the road were taken aback.
The lovers came out shading their eyes from the sun,
And never was white so white, or black so black,
As her cheeks and hair. "There are more things than one
A man might turn into a wood for, Jack,'
Said George; Jack whispered: 'He has not got a gun.
It's a bit too much of a good thing, I say.
They are going the other road, look. And see her run.' -
She ran -'What a thing it is, this picking may.'
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Re: Positivity thread

26 May 2020 06:23 am:

Pubs, I remember pubs...

Village Inn, Leonard Clark

Where the straw-littered lane from the woods
Mounts up to meet the houses sleeping away
The sunny centuries in the village street,
There, shaded by two great walnut trees,
The King George stands, and kept by Amos Turford,
His faded Majesty, the Fourth, displays a peeling face
But glorious still in gold and bright vermilion
To all who pass beneath his flapping sign.
Above the lace and epaulettes he cocks a knowing eye,
Smiling at dusty gipsies passing by,
Inviting them to share his portly regency.
Amos, within, re-sands the private bar
Or pins beneath an oleograph of brown "Blue Gown"
Who won the Derby back in '68,
The list of next week's cricket team,
With umpire, Randall Jones.
And Mrs. Amos, half the size, but twice the wits
Of her potbellied, nervous spouse,
Salts down a new-killed pig
And carries on a steady, gossiping flow
With Bill, the one-eyed cellarman, and Ridge, the cat.
But now, when six o'clock chimes out the fading hour
Over the fields and through the shining air,
The men walk in and lay their bats and pads
Upon the tables, tawny and gleaming in the setting sun;
Sam Jenkins drinks a second mug
Of new-brewed cider, sharp as vinegar,
And Henry Duke retells in dumb show, how,
He hit that chap from Westbury for a four;;
"I know the best team won" says Tom,
"Us'll win the match next year" from Dick
Who carves upon his lap a litle hill of bread and cheese.
And so, until a wisp of moon lights up the windowpanes,
The revelry and time wear on;
Outside, the walnut trees bend drowsy heads,
The millpool is a silver shilling in the night,
His Majesty is far away at Brighton, by the sea,
And does not hear old Amos call, with wheezy breath,
"Time, gentlemen, time, if you please."

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