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Re: Season Ticket

21 May 2020 12:40 pm:

I posted the Club's T&C on season tickets and game tickets a month or so back. The bottom line appeared to be that there is no guarantee of monies back unless a game is cancelled.
As all clubs( currently) are backing the completion of this past season at some point ( under what conditions or arrangements is still to be decided) then it will only be 2019/20 STH which are likely to miss out, unless you have bought tickets per game.
The club could currently argue that next season 20/21 is still tenable therefore whether you have already paid or are doing so in instalment, then arrangements are still valid.
In reality things are not so clear cut, but only time will tell, therefore, I'm not sure what the club(s) can say or commit too.
If folks suspend or cancel their DDs then they might find that the club then charges them full rates when payments re-start. I have no proof or authority on the latter, but it is a possibility.
Like others, I've written off the 19/20 season cost, and, having paid up for 20/21 will have to sit tight and see what develops.
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Re: Season Ticket

21 May 2020 14:58 pm:

As far as the current season is concerned, the ST was all paid for by last December. We've missed out on 5 home games, so that's 31% of the 16 games it covers. I'm just writing that off, on the basis that if the club had to refund 31% of all season ticket revenue it had received months ago the news could (would?) be very bleak.

As for 2020/2021, I've been paying on the monthly DD since January - not even thought about stopping the payment. But, if the situation is that the whole season (or even say "only" half of it) has to be played behind closed doors, then surely ST holders must be provided with a way of watching the games at no further cost (either to us personally, nor the club). Same obviously applies to all ST holders for all clubs in all sports - some of whom pay many times more than we do (admittedly for a lot more games).

It's all up in the air until decisions are made about re-commencing games, and then how long the behind-closed-doors rules persist. Surely it will be until after a vaccine has been released, and then some more time so that a large percentage of the population has received it. 60m+ jabs to be given will take some organizing, and a lot of time - might we even need proof of vaccination before attending mass gatherings?

Just hope that as & when the green light is given to re-start the season, that it doesn't then degenerate into stalemate arguments between the TV broadcasters and the organizing / governing bodies.....
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Re: Season Ticket

21 May 2020 16:02 pm:

I seem to remember posting a similar question some time back and got lambasted for it although my intension was to donate any refunds to host some kind of thank you events for nhs and all front line workers i the same as many do not want to see the club damaged over finance however it would be nice if the club were to contact season ticket holders to explain what is going on many are paying for next season some have already paid with money being tight for a lot of folk idont think it unreasonable
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Re: Season Ticket

21 May 2020 16:09 pm:

I don’t think they can tell us anything as they don’t know what is going on themselves yet.
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Re: Season Ticket

21 May 2020 16:56 pm:

Sorry i find that hard to believe if thats the case they in my opinion should not have continued to take direct debits etc they are not the only ones to feel the pinch . i can live with loosing what was left of this years st but i believe they should and must be more upfront about the 20/21 st not everyone can afford write that off as well but again just my opinion
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Re: Season Ticket

21 May 2020 17:09 pm:

I agree bun - some kind of communication re next season is due soon. I wonder if other clubs have done so?

Maybe this will be easier when the decisions are made about the current season and when next season will start. It's conceivable to me that the entire season will be behind closed doors.
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Re: Season Ticket

21 May 2020 17:20 pm:

A meeting of the Professional Game Board was held today (21/05/20) which incorporates representatives of the Rugby Football Union (RFU), Premiership Rugby, Rugby Players Association (RPA) and Greene King IPA Championship clubs.

Professional Game Board Chair Chris Booy said: “The group agreed that although a huge amount of work is being undertaken to enable a safe return to training for Premiership clubs, more time was needed to ensure that players, staff and officials can return to a safe training environment, and that is not expected to be in place for a minimum of two weeks.

“Safety and welfare remains of paramount importance to all of us in the rugby community, and we look forward to the season resuming when it is safe to do so.

“Further updates on progress will be made in due course.”
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Re: Season Ticket

21 May 2020 18:12 pm:

I’ve written off this season and because I refuse to pay so far upfront for 20/21 I still have the cash in the bank.
Currently there are far more pressing issues than my GR Season Ticket for next season. Depending on the National situation I may even sponsor my local club and call it a day with Glaws. No travelling, watch some local boys playing and have a beer in my local club. It is very tempting.
This does not make me any less of a GR supporter, just someone who is currently concerned about family and business.
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Re: Season Ticket

22 May 2020 00:37 am:

Absolutely no criticism of anybody finding it tough to keep paying for their ticket. Strange times and jobs will be lost?
Week 1 was my criticism of our excuse of a season, that said, if the club were going out of business there would be a call to save it and we on here would be planning all sorts to keep it going. For me,it’s close to £100 a month, I could have walked away and saved over a grand a year but it’s not about that.I feel that every time I pay, it helps to keep my club afloat. Each to their own but I’ve never thought that supporting the club in this way was a burden, I’m most definitely not abandoning at a time when it needs us more than ever.
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Re: Season Ticket

22 May 2020 05:37 am:

I like your post Baz

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