Refund ???

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Re: Refund ???

21 May 2020 15:56 pm:

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Re: Refund ???

21 May 2020 17:37 pm:

Firstly I'm laying cards on the table here is my background:

15 years acting, directing and back stage experience.
I've produced 5 productions
Organised more live events than I can count, this includes live music and charity.

I've seen flat & variable rates but never really seen a flat percentage fee such as this, which actually is quite high especially when purchasing multiple tickets.

To put this in perspective, if you went to cashpoint and it said we will take a fee of 12% you'd find a better cashpoint. In fact if you went to a box office you'd certainly double think buying a ticket.

Do not get me wrong I understand a company needing to recoup costs however in this case insurance should have covered it.
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Re: Refund ???

23 May 2020 06:04 am:

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Re: Refund ???

23 May 2020 07:42 am:

I realise that it's a different issue, but back in February I bulk purchased tickets for one of the remaining home matches, arranged as a family get together with relations coming from far and wide.
This week I realised that it was unlikely to take place, so contacted the ticket office. They replied within 24 hours and a day later the money was refunded into my credit card account. Exemplary stuff from the ticket office people at Kingsholm.
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Re: Refund ???

23 May 2020 08:09 am:

Well, today should have been the Champions Cup Final in Marseille. EPCR have recently confirmed that anyone who has already purchased tickets to the Finals, that these will remain valid. Although new dates for the Finals have yet to be decided, the venue will not alter.
Once the revised dates are known then tickets to the public will go back on sale. Anyone who cannot attend on the new dates will be entitled to a refund, subject to T&C which will be announced at the time.
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