Interesting Interview with Sam Burgess

Re: Interesting Interview with Sam Burgess

Glos1012 07 Jun 2020 08:06 am said..

Glossince86 wrote:
madders wrote:Steckers, l think you’ll find the England selectors had Burgess foisted upon them too. Some bigwig at HQ had a stunning plan ( Burgess) which would win the RWC and swell HQ’s coffers with £££££ and so everyone had to be in on the plan.
Unfortunately being idiots their scheme back-fired and as a result England failed miserably, yet nobody was brought to task for their stupidity at HQ.

Every couple of years this idea repeats itself, poach a RL superstar , give him to a club to knock him into shape and then with obscene haste get him in the England squad. Repeat.

I think this is spot on and part of the reason SL was appointed was that HQ would have control for plans like these...

I would say I think Teo looked pretty good in and England shirt maybe not so much worcester. He also did well for the lions but he's now gone back to NRL.
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Re: Interesting Interview with Sam Burgess

steckers 07 Jun 2020 08:44 am said..

Did he ever wear the Worcester shirt?
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Re: Interesting Interview with Sam Burgess

madders 07 Jun 2020 11:35 am said..

A textbook example of why some clubs are reluctant to have England players.
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Re: Interesting Interview with Sam Burgess

ROLLO 07 Jun 2020 13:00 pm said..

An SN post I made was quoted ( anonomously ) in the ST by David Walsh who wrote about Teo.
" He was in the club but not of it " That just about summed him up.
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Re: Interesting Interview with Sam Burgess

Old Duffer 10 Jun 2020 10:21 am said..

Some pretty damning comments by Andy Goode on The Rugby Pod this week on this subject. Essentially he says that he believes everything Sam Burgess says as far as it relates to Mike Ford. Lots of discussion re David Humphreys departure too none of which makes me feel any more positive.
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Re: Interesting Interview with Sam Burgess

kentishglaws 10 Jun 2020 12:03 pm said..

I don’t disagree with anything Burgess has said, he’s obviously a very honest bloke. Only thing that maybe isn’t completely true is Mike Ford ruining England’s World Cup, but it’s his feelings on the matter so fair enough. If he felt that Mike Ford acted like that and he couldn’t play for him, then good on him, few would have the balls to stand up and say that. Obviously on the plane on his way back to Oz, both the Ford’s spoke to the media with info which obviously was not the real truth.

He could’ve been a very good player had he stayed and not had the Ford fallout, he was picked for a World Cup after not enough time and in a wrong position, none of those things are his fault. The fallout with the players regarding Luther Burrell’s exclusion, again not his fault. If a team calls you up to play, you’re going to say yes regardless of how long you’ve had or if it was your right position. So fair play to him for coming out and saying what he has.
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Re: Interesting Interview with Sam Burgess

robs1 10 Jun 2020 12:08 pm said..

Two sides to every story and the truth somewhere around the and of course journos love to stir trouble to create stories to sell their wares and the truth can be a very strange concept to them
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