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Number10 19 Jul 2020 07:33 am said..

Harrison26 wrote:Allemano was announced as a long term signing whilst MG and LM were both short term in the articles from the club. Whether there’s scope for MG and LM to stay beyond that if they impress I don’t know. I’d imagine GS would want to have a look at the wider market come October, or develop the young first-teamers and senior academy guys where he can

Would think garvey is short term - based on fitness performances would have potential to stay for next season as well.
Mulipola - potentially just to finish this season then back to newcastle?
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westglos 19 Jul 2020 08:13 am said..

Garvey will be keen to impress and push for a longer contract.
Has a young family to support, and like Banners can commute from his home in Bath.
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Clive's Pants 20 Jul 2020 11:15 am said..

Posted this last week in answer to the question of how did Woodward kick at Bristol and curiosity has led me to add Cipriani's kicking stats...

From that DT introduced me to a couple of weeks ago:
J Woodward - could only find one season:
16/17 season -69%

Twelvetrees' numbers:
17/18 - 87%, 18/19 -80%, 19/20 - 58%!

17/18 - 74%, 18/19 -64%, 19/20 - 61%
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Face 31 Jul 2020 09:15 am said..

Updated with Hohneck off
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