News is on the way

Re: News is on the way

steckers 28 Jun 2020 19:58 pm said..

Ultimately James is right - we shouldn't mistake our opinions for facts. I don't mind confessing that I'm of the opinion that things aren't well behind the scenes. I also agree with GM that it doesn't look good for the club.

Whilst things aren't hunky-dory, I also think it's possible to come out of this stronger. I like the coaching appointment and whilst we've lost some quality players, I don't think many will be detrimental in the long run as we have replacements. If we could just find a couple of props - I'd be fairly confident about the future.
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Re: News is on the way

JamesK 28 Jun 2020 20:50 pm said..

Mute - you’re arguing with points I didn’t make . :roll:
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