Ring Fencing on its Way............

Re: Ring Fencing on its Way............

colinboag 30 Jul 2020 05:57 am said..

Common sense prevailing at last
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Re: Ring Fencing on its Way............

robs1 30 Jul 2020 07:29 am said..

So all the money we have invested in the academy is a total waste, I really cant see how this will improve the standard of rugby, lots of pointless games towards the end of the season.
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Re: Ring Fencing on its Way............

lucifer 30 Jul 2020 07:43 am said..

Sounds like the American sports model. No thanks, Sport is meant to be one of the few areas of life where the team represents the community and what it achieves it does so on merit according to the rules of the game. The franchise route puts power in the hands of the owners to do more or less what they like, a classic example from the USA was the removal of the Brooklyn Dodgers from New York to LA. Gloucester isn’t the biggest place in the world, places like Swindon, Oxford, Reading have a potentially much bigger catchment area and it’s amazing how traditions go to the wall when the bottom line becomes the main driver. Personally I can’t see what’s wrong with the current system with relegation always a major interest factor. And occasionally you get an Exeter to really make their mark. What should be happening is the championship be much better financed from the RFU - if necessary at the expense of the PL to make the transition less daunting.
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Re: Ring Fencing on its Way............

DieTrying 30 Jul 2020 08:03 am said..

In France the LNR look after the Pro D2 and it works well. Here PRL don't give a flying flip about any other League, bar their own.
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Re: Ring Fencing on its Way............

Gb83 30 Jul 2020 08:19 am said..

Prem clubs aren’t going to let go of their academies, all have signalled that the strategy going forward is to invest in home grown talent.

Remove the prem academies then clubs would have to bring in players at additional cost.

Whilst it may be beneficial for the championship it’ll be at the cost of the premiership.

The premiership should improve its links with the championship and give fringe players more opportunities.
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Re: Ring Fencing on its Way............

Allez Glaws 30 Jul 2020 09:04 am said..

Interesting that promotion/relegation also suspended between Champ and Nat 1. So Hartpury will rack up 5(?) years at least in second tier, whilst Yorkshire/Leeds are stuck in the third division.

Not what I want to see but it has been inevitable for a while, covid has just sped up the process.
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Re: Ring Fencing on its Way............

Saint 30 Jul 2020 09:12 am said..

It's a complex proposal and no doubt if it progresses not all elements of it will come to fruition. The core is a 13 team PRL for 21/22 onwards with promotion reviewed after a period of time.

Academies cost PRL clubs money, even after the RFU subsidy which could disappear. When we look at the numbers they are not always the most efficient way to produce future senior players, think of how many youngsters go through academies and are never seen again or move on to another club. They often move on because the pathway above them is full of others who play in the position. RFU national academies as proposed would produce youngsters into a draft system, clubs would only recruit players who matched a need in their squad profile, wages would be set for the initila period. A much more efficent way for clubs to evolve their squads.

The finances of our game at all levels are changing radically, we need radical solutions!
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Re: Ring Fencing on its Way............

Mark Dudley 30 Jul 2020 10:32 am said..

Doesn't this rather mess up our new coaching structure as well?
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Re: Ring Fencing on its Way............

Up the jumper 30 Jul 2020 10:53 am said..

I dislike much of this approach - ring fencing I accept as inevitable, but the abolition of academies is simply a method for further centralising control, and removing incentive. The suggestion that academies " would produce youngsters into a draft system, clubs would only recruit players who matched a need in their squad profile" would completely removing the ability to promote and progress on merit. Who would decide what a squad profile should be?

Given the entire approach has come from the Championship, it is clear that this is predominantly aimed at bolstering that league. I accept that there needs to be change, but this package is imbalanced, and will lead to a homogenisation and diminishing of the Premiership.
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Re: Ring Fencing on its Way............

Beddis 30 Jul 2020 11:15 am said..

As unpalatable as ring-fencing is to me, it does look necessary at this stage. Why not forget about relegating Saracens and just get on with it.

I hate watching teams like the Ospreys come to Dublin with a bunch of kids ready for a 50 point hammering, usually by Leinster's second string, as far removed from competitive rugby we all love as it gets. However with Covid things have changed and we need to protect the clubs we have before they head into extinction.

I share the concerns about franchising potential, the Dodgers being a great example.

I just hope they get this as close to right as possible as there isn't really any going back.
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