Ring Fencing on its Way............

Re: Ring Fencing on its Way............

Saint 30 Jul 2020 12:57 pm said..

The Championship had to either accept abandonmnet by the RFU or look around for alternatives. Edward Griffiths authored this proposal, the Championship haven't approved all 70 plus pages of it, they have said this is worth discussing. The RFU have also had thoughts about changes and some of their thoughts are not too far away from Griffith's I understand. In times like these, when the model for both PRL and Championship was already broken and doomed, something has to trigger debate about possible futures.

Clubs will always control who they sign and how they manage their squads, nothing in these proposals changes that.
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Re: Ring Fencing on its Way............

SwindonGlos 30 Jul 2020 15:26 pm said..

Anything that removes competition from the league is not my preference however.

More game time for academy players in a competitive structure is good.

More security for investment in infrastructure at prem level is good - as long as salary cap remains and people can't just buy the title.

Better ties and better sharing of coaching knowledge between prem and championship also potentially good.

On balance something has to give an this, or something similar, might be the best option.
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Re: Ring Fencing on its Way............

westglos 30 Jul 2020 15:31 pm said..

DieTrying wrote:In France the LNR look after the Pro D2 and it works well. Here PRL don't give a flying flip about any other League, bar their own.

The French were discussing have a third
tier professional league.
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Re: Ring Fencing on its Way............

DieTrying 30 Jul 2020 16:39 pm said..

The French were discussing have a third
tier professional league.[/quote]

Yep, discussions on-going.
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Re: Ring Fencing on its Way............

mjad 31 Jul 2020 07:13 am said..

My heart says keep promotion & relegation, otherwise no team will be able to do what Exeter has done & climb to the top, why stifle ambition? In addition, it makes the matches at the bottom of the league, once you've decided you can't win the league (for a couple of teams, that's week 1!), meaningless.

However, head says may need to do it, as there are 13 teams who are capable of playing at this level and there's been a while since a team outside of these 13 have been able to compete (Leeds come to mind), so the championship is a bit of a foregone conclusion from week 1 & this is even more so this season. Can you really see any championship teams competing at the Premiership level.
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Re: Ring Fencing on its Way............

lucifer 31 Jul 2020 08:26 am said..

Well you won't know if you don't give them that chance. And it's always interesting to see which of the 12 eventually goes down for a year.
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Re: Ring Fencing on its Way............

GlawsyD 31 Jul 2020 10:16 am said..

Have always maintained that not enough interest or investment has been taken of the Championship since inception.
Very few if any interest by TV or radio to cover or even mention teams and matches. I can only recall Bristol's various failed attempts culminating in Exeter promotion featuring.
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Re: Ring Fencing on its Way............

Face 31 Jul 2020 10:23 am said..

I am for ring fencing personally. Although i would follow the Rugby League model of opening it up every 3 years for a review if there is a Championship contender or a premiership team that is not fit for the league.

With the need to get into the Top 6 in the Premiership and the salary cap hopefully now being enforced, we should see a still a competitive league and the threat of relegation as above would still be a factor, no team could languish at the bottom and feel completely safe. I would enforce the fact that each club has to pay to the cap to ensure a level of quality in each squad.

I think the Championship would benefit from being more competitive without a Newcastle or London Irish running away with it each year. It was better 10 years ago when you had Bristol, Exeter, London Welsh and Leeds all chasing promotion but since the demise of Leeds and LW, its has become dull and TV has lost interest. If it was a competitive professional league then it would get more coverage.
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Re: Ring Fencing on its Way............

colinboag 31 Jul 2020 13:50 pm said..

I recently interviewed MStQ and I believe it will be in Sunday's TRP. In it he gives his view on ring-fencing, marquee players, and the restart of the Prem, amongst other things.
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Re: Ring Fencing on its Way............

Kernow Glos 31 Jul 2020 17:44 pm said..

I support Cornish Pirates and Cornish rugby as much as I support Gloucester. To deny the Pirates and Cornwall the chance to play at the top level would be a huge injustice. The Pirates built a championship winning team a few years back that got dismantled when the stadium was delayed. The stadium is now in sight and we are building again. Premiership would become stale without relegation. Player squads and budgets might be more realistic after Covid and the gap not so great.
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