Bistol citings

Re: Bistol citings

jimKRFC 14 Sep 2020 08:22 am said..

It seems a fair people have missed Lam's point that the offences aren't the same thus why is the punishment the same:

Player 1 - trades 1/2 punches with (standing) player 2,
Player 2 - trades punches, pins player 1 to floor, repeated puches to head, swears at ref

Lam has not said Siale doesnt deserve a ban - just his offence is not the same as Kitcheners so why is the ban.

Rollo, not sure why this would have interest for the salary cap manager.....
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Re: Bistol citings

Gloucester Mute 14 Sep 2020 09:11 am said..

I look forward to reading the Judgements in full. For me they were equally sent-off for punching. Be realistic and accept the punishments (as Lam now has).

Agreed - nothing to do with Salary Cap Manager. That said it's very impressive how Bristol stretch their playing-salary cap so far. ;)
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