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Opportunist 15 Sep 2020 12:49 pm said..

I think perhaps part of the problem with Cipriani is that he isn’t at the centre of everything we do anymore. Last season all our positive plays came through Cipriani, we were reliant on his creativity to win us games and when he was poor we didn’t offer much else. Since the restart we’ve tried to play with more structure, having a plan behind our kicking and using the maul as a weapon (two things we weren’t doing previously), and then giving it to Cipriani to attack when we’re in the right position. This is a change from the Super Rugby style game we played under Ackermann and the whole squad will have to adapt, Cipriani especially. I know it was a frustrating night, but if we can keep playing like that, eventually we’ll stop throwing interceptions, start scoring off overlaps, and we’ll be a good team
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Re: Cipriani

stevieb 15 Sep 2020 13:12 pm said..

Ah 'eventually', our favourite jam tomorrow maxim ;)
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