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Re: Jake Polledri

19 Sep 2020 10:03 am:

GM, nicely worded reply. Yes l have heard of residency rules etc, but l firmly believe it has gone too far, and England is probably one of the worst at excluding truly English players for players who honestly aren’t appreciably better. IMHO of course.
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Re: Jake Polledri

19 Sep 2020 10:57 am:

5 years residency may still be a bit short BUT in the transient global world we live (though not ATM ;) ) I think it is fair.

Maybe you should have a wider look at other countries - not England -who are positively encouraging/recruiting non-nationals to move countries ??

And how do you sort out NZ/Aus re. Pacific Islanders and inter-familial ties ?? Very tricky (and a legal minefield)
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Re: Jake Polledri

19 Sep 2020 13:09 pm:

Sorry not sure what the argument is here. JP is an Italian international therefore no eligibility for the British lions. Don’t recall anyone making a fuss that Parisse couldn’t be selected.

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