Bath Stadium hits another snag

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Re: Bath Stadium hits another snag

15 Oct 2020 18:27 pm:

There comes a time when the rugby club must say enough wasted time and money and move to a new ground . Surely the example of Exe having a captive audience should push them to move out of the rec, there are so many places in Bath to eat and drink that the club could earn money from themselves instead of the local bars.
Maybe it's time for us to have the same thoughts, goodness what did I just say, the most important thing it has to be the right place, perhaps incorporating the new trading ground
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Re: Bath Stadium hits another snag

15 Oct 2020 19:49 pm:

To spend quarter of a century fighting this seems to me like a monumental waste of time by the club to me. I'd imagine the Charity Commission has had more than enough of this by now. Could they not evict them to force the issue?

I would imagine that the Barbour jacketed multitude must be a tad fed up with sitting on a pile of scaffolding getting soaking wet in the premiership's grottiest ground by now too. Picturesque backdrop not withstanding.
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Re: Bath Stadium hits another snag

15 Oct 2020 20:24 pm:

Gloucester can lose fans by changing a badge of it moved stadiums ??
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Re: Bath Stadium hits another snag

16 Oct 2020 07:49 am:


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