Champions Cup Final

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Re: Champions Cup Final

18 Oct 2020 13:10 pm:

Perhaps rather than wrong I should say I dont agree with his interpretation
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Re: Champions Cup Final

18 Oct 2020 13:59 pm:

Herefordpropforward wrote: For those who want to watch endless entertainment go and follow something like soccer.

Must say I find that comment extraordinary. Rugby has everything, with the mix of skills required, the grunt up front to the speedsters in the backs. Variety with open play, set pieces. Brute strength, ball handling skills far more varied than in the round ball game. By contrast association football is basically kicking a ball around. It's not uncommon for there to be no score after 90 minutes. Can't see the point.

I realise many will disagree with me, but that's how I see it. Always been a mystery to me why soccer has become so dominant.

Hope I'm not taking this thread on a tangent, wouldn't want to detract from Ex's achievement.
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Re: Champions Cup Final

18 Oct 2020 15:51 pm:

I thought the breakdown was a mess for much of the game and generally felt that Exeter came off worse. Simply thought a lot of the RM jackalling wasn't on feet and lifting the ball. I also thought the 2nd man in was allowed to jackal at times.

The debacle at the end was so avoidable. Ultimately it was unfair on RM. The pen was given after 79mins so there was no need for Owens to play the 'Owens role' - it was just for the cameras and slightly frustrating to watch.
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Re: Champions Cup Final

18 Oct 2020 21:33 pm:

Well done Chiefs on your rapid rise to the top from the depths of the lower leagues. So, in the last ten years, what have Exeter Chiefs got so right but Gloucester Rugby have got so wrong?
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Re: Champions Cup Final

18 Oct 2020 21:54 pm:

Hopefully, this text should be smaller and less prominent than the words above it...
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Re: Champions Cup Final

18 Oct 2020 22:51 pm:

SonofPricey wrote:Regarding the late turnover on the Exeter line, I would suggest reading Nigel Owens comment on Twitter.

I admire Exeter’s ability to win matches but their style of rugby is imho boring. Pragmatism is fine, but we should still hope that flair is still a part of winning rugby going forward

When did he post this? if before the game then shame he is allowed to have the whistle.....if afterwards then sanctions should be made.

Personally I can find no reference to and time SoP?
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Re: Champions Cup Final

19 Oct 2020 07:38 am:

Huge congratulations to Exeter on a great win. What they have built is remarkable and should be admired.

As for their style of play, personally I don’t like it at all. However I can’t criticise Baxter because he’s simply found a style that is allowed within the rules and developed it to perfection. If, like me, you find Exeter’s style boring and almost cynical don’t blame them, blame our sport which is, IMO, about as amateurish as professional sport can be!

Whether it’s PRL, the RFU or World Rugby they are a shambles. Endless tinkering with rules but rarely, IMO, getting it anywhere near right. Old farts still dominate all three and in the case of RFU and World Rugby generally people who have never played professional rugby. People who are still firmly ensconced in the amateur days.

Just one example - the caterpillar. Is there a single person who doesn’t think it’s a blight on the game, yet absolutely nothing has been done to eradicate it?
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Re: Champions Cup Final

19 Oct 2020 08:16 am:

Lebowski, points are awarded for scoring tries or kicking penalties, so until there are “ points for style” teams will play to win, however negative their tactics might appear.
Racing tried to be flamboyant and it blew up in their faces....Russell may well have ended any hope of a Lions call up according to some pundits.
It amazes me that the All Blacks played a similar style for years yet were lauded for their success. I’m afraid we can’t have it both ways.
If we could play like that with their success I’m sure most on here would be over the moon.
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Re: Champions Cup Final

19 Oct 2020 08:53 am:

I’m sure we’d all like to consistently win. Liking a certain style is not the same thing and it always amuses me when people say others would feel differently if it were Gloucester, if we won etc. Back in the days of hoof and hope under DR I’d had enough and had it continued I would definitely have not renewed my ST.

As for the All Blacks playing a similar style to Exeter, I must confess that’s one I never picked up on. :?
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Re: Champions Cup Final

19 Oct 2020 09:56 am:

Exeter’s best aspect is their support for the ball carrier and protecting the ball in the tackle and hounding the opposition when they’re in possession.
Look at some of the most successful teams in recent times...Munster,Leinster and Saracens. Their tactics are based on kick and chase ( to varying degrees) pump the ball into the opposition’s half, chase down the catcher and strangle the opposition.
They are quite happy to kick away possession as they get field position and grind the opposition into making a mistake and either coughing up the ball or conceding a penalty. Finn Russell was under so much pressure on Saturday he was forced into taking risks, resulting in errors galore.
Whether or not it’s entertaining is questionable but it’s definitely successful.
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I’ve only ever been wrong once; l thought l was wrong, but l was wrong!

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