Tigers v Glaws OGT

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Re: Tigers v Glaws OGT

21 Nov 2020 21:44 pm:

Danny is obviously so low on confidence at the moment.

The ball bounced awkwardly as he was shepherding it into touch in the first minute, and you could see it get to him - "it's not going to be my day". Then a restart kick directly into touch.

He was by no means the sole reason we lost that game (there were at least 12 other reasons on the pitch) but so much of our game plan revolves around him.

Maybe the coaches should have spotted his head was not in the right place, and replaced him. Or is GM right? Is the coaching team too matey with him?

Yes, we had a lot of players out ... but so did Lester, and they seemed to cope OK.
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Re: Tigers v Glaws OGT

21 Nov 2020 21:52 pm:

Every time Glos hoisted the ball, the Leicester full back caught it. Every time Leicester hoisted it, the Gloucester full back dropped it, giving them territory and possession.
Apart from the lineout and odd moments from Reid, VRR and Clarke, there was precious little to enthuse about.
Already looking like an uphill struggle. Harris, May, Thorley, Allemano, Varney etc can't come back quick enough.
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Re: Tigers v Glaws OGT

21 Nov 2020 22:00 pm:

TheOptimistSenior wrote:GM, your contempt for DC and/or for GS and the other coaches, is very apparent. You have referred to him as Prince Cips in a very dismissive way and that he and the coaches are a big problem.
It doesn't become you and I would normally have respect for your view but on this occasion I think you are plain wrong.
In my view, no stand off, no matter how talented, would struggle behind a pack which was second best in every phase as we were today.
DC is by no means perfect and I'm sure he is aware of that, but to lay the problems of Gloucester Rugby at his door, as you seem to be doing, is deluded and myopic.

TOS - I am not solely blaming DC and/or GS and the other coaches. Nor do I have contempt for DC/them. My thoughts remain consistently rational and balanced.

I have an issue with GRFC's "gameplan" being totally based around one maverick (occasionally genius player) ie; DC + the coaches all happening to be mates of his + DC having been party to the recruitment of them via our CEO. It, IMHO, makes it very, very hard for the coaches to have a subjective view of the key 10 position and/or game-plan. It is potentially very difficult to make choices without bringing down "the world according to DC". I have had this feeling for a long time and actually think it explains/demonstrates so much about DC's relatively unfulfilled rugby career. A genius individual but never a team person. His England career failing to ignite whoever the coaches is not a coincidence or a conspiracy. He is a maverick in a team sport - always has been since dropping a goal for Whitgift School from halfway in the Daily Mail U15's Final.

Personally I have never thought the "DC way" is the "GRFC way" but DH managed to snap him up on the cheap and he has since remained.

When I played and coached rugby it was a 15-man team game and never 1 man + 14 others. :roll: :roll:

Not deluded, not myopic and very rational.
Nothing wrong with free speech or having an opinion - as long as it matches mine !!
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Re: Tigers v Glaws OGT

21 Nov 2020 23:28 pm:

covglaws wrote:
King Prawn Bhuna wrote:When we got to within 7 points after half time, we looked briefly like a Premiership team. We’d better start like that and continue like it next.....I need some bragging rights locally.

Whatever happens, we'll still have an away game on the doorstep next season, it could very well be at Butts Park Arena rather than the Ricoh though. :oops:

I must be a glutton for punishment but I will come to Butts Park
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Re: Tigers v Glaws OGT

21 Nov 2020 23:36 pm:

I 've just listened to the Radio Glos post match interviews with bot GS & BT. Not impressed with either, just then usual excuses.
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Re: Tigers v Glaws OGT

21 Nov 2020 23:56 pm:

What could they have said to impress you DT?
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Re: Tigers v Glaws OGT

22 Nov 2020 00:46 am:

Still Realistic wrote:What could they have said to impress you DT?

Tbh SR, I'm not sure. LL a day or so ago said the Squad were in a good place. Clearly they're not. Post match, GS said they weren't prepared enough. They should have been. BT said too many individual errors were made. That's not a new problem. For me they played as if it was the last match of the season, not the first. 1. I'd re-employ the Sports Psychologist we had when we finished in the top 4. 2. They need to sort out what style / game plan is the way forward. Currently I don't think we have either. 3. I'd get some of those Top 20 appearances players, & other greats who aren't on it, to explain what's expected from a Player wearing a Gloucester shirt. If that means that Ex player greats hand out the shirts pre-match and give a pep talk, go for it. We've nothing to lose and everything to gain.
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Re: Tigers v Glaws OGT

22 Nov 2020 01:14 am:

Cips on form is a very visible general on the field, Cips off form is quiet, indecisive and error strewn

We’ve only seen the latter for sometime now.
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Re: Tigers v Glaws OGT

22 Nov 2020 06:50 am:

Unfortunately it's the sh*t different day already
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Re: Tigers v Glaws OGT

22 Nov 2020 07:22 am:

I don’t get the comments that the forwards did ok (except LL stealing first couple of line outs). Never enough forwards at breakdown to secure ball, beaten up in the scrum, very little gain line success, missed tackles and too high penalty count. Backs never going to have a good day when feeding off poor ball.
Backs when they got the ball didn’t do well with it either. JS pass from base was too slow. Runners off first receiver were too far behind gain line. Kick chase was not executed well. Too many missed tackles and kicks to touch. Not all down to DC having a bad day as some seem to be saying!
Not a good day. BUT most of those things can be resolved. Let’s see what happens over next few weeks before we start pressing the panic button.
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