Tigers v Glaws OGT

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Re: Tigers v Glaws OGT

22 Nov 2020 07:43 am:

What I did notice yesterday was similarity between JS and WH at the back of scrum and caterpillar. Hands on all and long stride before box kick.
This is probably the accepted technique.
What I love to see is the sniping runs and fast pass from JS, something he has been noted for all career
I am not entering into criticism of any player or team merely making an observation.
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Re: Tigers v Glaws OGT

22 Nov 2020 07:46 am:

Westy wrote:Danny is obviously so low on confidence at the moment.

The ball bounced awkwardly as he was shepherding it into touch in the first minute, and you could see it get to him - "it's not going to be my day". Then a restart kick directly into touch.

He was by no means the sole reason we lost that game (there were at least 12 other reasons on the pitch) but so much of our game plan revolves around him.

Maybe the coaches should have spotted his head was not in the right place, and replaced him. Or is GM right? Is the coaching team too matey with him?

Yes, we had a lot of players out ... but so did Lester, and they seemed to cope OK.

I think you’re being a bit harsh on Cipriani there, yes he made a couple of errors but apart from that he didn’t do much wrong, he didn’t have the opportunity to. The vast majority of our ball was static and Simpson kicked it away, incredibly badly. I lost count of the amount of box kicks but I can only remember one single contestable one when Banahan gave away a penalty for taking their winger out.
It was so frustrating to watch, even when we nicked the lineout he kicked it immediately straight to their fullback under no pressure, it was madness
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Re: Tigers v Glaws OGT

22 Nov 2020 08:27 am:

Now 37 pages of overreaction. Imagine if we have lost at home to Newcastle :D
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Re: Tigers v Glaws OGT

22 Nov 2020 10:03 am:

Trying to compute that performance yesterday is very difficult! So much wasn’t right and we can blame individuals but as a collective we were just completely out of sync and disorganised. None of the basics were there and our backs never performed with the limited ball they did get. I cannot remember Sharples getting the ball in space once!

I have no doubt we will look a lot better next week but I get the impression we are just taping over the cracks until a few players move on and we can start building for the future.
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Re: Tigers v Glaws OGT

22 Nov 2020 10:47 am:

Tough one to take then you watch the post match interview with GS and he says we weren’t prepared. WTF. Not prepared. In what’s supposed to be an elite sports club that is almost unforgivable.

37 pages of we looked dis-jointed out of sync etc. Not up to speed etc. No surprise.
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Re: Tigers v Glaws OGT

22 Nov 2020 12:14 pm:

Ben Carter wrote:Still feel our backs are indecisive. It feels to me that they don't know what to do in the moment. All speculation but I worry there's a conflict between instinct and gameplan. Though, from today's performance, I would struggle to say what that gameplan was

In my opinion, we haven't had a decisive line-breaker since Matt Scott who, unfortunately, we didn't see enough of due to injury. It's far from a new problem.
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Re: Tigers v Glaws OGT

22 Nov 2020 12:18 pm:

Mistakes; optional tackling, and when we did tackle it was fairly passive. We tried to play through the phases, yet Leics managed to break through relatively easily.

- GS & Co have a lot of work to do to put all the pieces of the jigsaw together
- a team often takes it's confidence, or at least some of it, from the fly half - if he isn't playing well then it'll rub off.
- I have a perception that we've been, I think the word is coasting for some time, in that we don't seem to have that hunger to want to win, that it's ok to say we did our best & no more. GS's has much work to do with the mental attitude as much as anything.

When I saw the team announced on Friday I thought, yep, that's good enough to win, decent team when all things considered. Perhaps the players also thought it, but they certainly didn't show they believed it.

sidenote: another week where Thorley hasn't played a rugby match.
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Re: Tigers v Glaws OGT

22 Nov 2020 12:21 pm:

Grunter - you seem to have forgotten Chris Harris and......Henry Trinder
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Re: Tigers v Glaws OGT

22 Nov 2020 12:27 pm:

Big problem is with the players that are missing what changes can be made other than Clarke, Trinder, Evans & Seabrook there doesn't seem to be much to pick from.
On yesterdays evidence Clarke must start & perhaps Trinder could bring something different in midfield.
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Re: Tigers v Glaws OGT

22 Nov 2020 12:54 pm:

I’m going to be honest I’ve skimmed thru a lot of this thread as most of it defies belief to me.
I have 1 question tho for those that criticising Ludlow for saying the squads in a good place. How would you have reacted if he turned up and said we’re struggling gonna be a tough season?
It’s never going happen.
Think some perspective is needed

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