Cips gone

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Re: Cips gone

25 Jan 2021 21:59 pm:

Gloucester Mute wrote:Amazing how often there are articles in the gutter press about him alongside posed photographs.

You are a more gullible sycophant than I imagined **. His publicist will be laughing all the way to the bank. As for having kicking sessions with Jonny Wilkinson ?? Give me a break....

As suggested we should all move on - and don't be massively surprised when he next makes headlines in the red-tops. That is the person he is and has always been. Peter Pan.

** You previously thought JA was the GRFC Saviour IIRC..... :roll: :roll:

OK so straight to personal attacks instead of standing you ground, starting to see a pattern.

Why would I be sycophantic about someone who left the team? Why would I waste my breath unless I have good reason to stand up & defend them against people gullible to believe the BS in the tabloid press? By the way show evidence or you're simply speculating, as bad as one of the morons who writes conspiracy theories on the Daily Heil FB page comments section.

Oh and yes I did hope that Ackermann, Laurie, Davies & Judas Redpath would do well and I had a good feeling Ackermann could go the whole way, then I heard what happened behind the scenes, and like any person with a brain you change you hypotheses based on the emperical evidence - and on that I'm glad he left.
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Re: Cips gone

25 Jan 2021 22:31 pm:

Sheddy Mcshedface wrote:Side point. What has Peter Pan got to do with it?

Peter Pan’s kicking % was only 63...

Think he was going to give Chris Paterson a call for some coaching.


Think that’s Cips gets far too much grief - I hope he finds the right place for him and loved seeing him in Cherry and White.
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Re: Cips gone

25 Jan 2021 23:00 pm:

“Fear of something is at the root of hate for others, and hate within will eventually destroy the hater.”
– George Washington Carver
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Re: Cips gone

25 Jan 2021 23:12 pm:

Surely this thread has run its course?
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Re: Cips gone

25 Jan 2021 23:49 pm:

Like thread veins, vain threads are very hard to get rid of.
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Re: Cips gone

25 Jan 2021 23:56 pm:

Agreed. Let’s leave it there.
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