Cips gone

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Re: Cips gone

15 Dec 2020 16:32 pm:

I am told that after the Leicester game Cips reported a sore chest/ pectoral muscle and didn't train on the Monday or Tuesday which meant under the new regime he was not being considered for selection that week. Dummies out of mouths etc. Cips left and was not seen again. Make of that what you may.
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Re: Cips gone

15 Dec 2020 16:33 pm:

Huge financial implications here too

The club is in dire financial straits and the departures of SV, DH, JA, the South African stars and now DC will (even allowing for their replacements) save hundreds of thousands - and probably save the club as well

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Re: Cips gone

15 Dec 2020 16:35 pm:

Quiet day by the look of it!
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Re: Cips gone

15 Dec 2020 16:42 pm:

I am surprised about how well people are taking this, I am actually really angry, we are up the pokey re injuries and DC decides this is the time to leave, disappointing.
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Re: Cips gone

15 Dec 2020 16:48 pm:

Chris Jones, have you missed the signing of Adam Hastings? 24 year-old international stand-offs don't come cheap, nor does a Puma 15 whose stock is on the ascendant at present! Every club has financial problems but I'm not sure those at Glaws are the worst and these signings would seem to confirm that.
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Re: Cips gone

15 Dec 2020 16:54 pm:

Nobbler - Don't be naive. It was a mutual decision following a difficult conversation. DC had effectively withdrawn himself from the squad several weeks ago and forced the issue. Best for all involved that companies were parted ASAP.......

The silence from GRFC player's Twitter accounts will be "deafening". Was with hindsight obviously the reason for the Fan's Forum being postponed whilst the lawyers/agents did their stuff.

This type of thing - an impending car crash - is never nice for those watching BUT 1) I think the club have handled it really well all things considered 2) the elephant has gone from under the CG carpet. Onwards and upwards + looking forward to seeing young Hastings strutting his stuff @ CG next season. From all I've heard a team-man.........
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Re: Cips gone

15 Dec 2020 16:59 pm:

Agree GM......nice that DC has gone and it all seems to have happened quickly and efficiently so from that point of view well done the club on this occasion. No point crying over spilt milk, we had one good season from him, a cracker, but for whatever reasons he's not be the same for a while now.
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Re: Cips gone

15 Dec 2020 17:01 pm:

I’m glad Danny popped in. You don’t really appreciate skill unless you see it in the flesh.

I had a spare ticket some years ago and took my friend from work. It was when Sinbad had his purple patch about two years before he retired. My friend would not shut up all the way home... “that guy is fantastic, why isn’t he in the England squad, I’ve seen nothing like it....”

When you see those skills on grass, in front of you, it takes your breath away.

Thanks Danny.
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Re: Cips gone

15 Dec 2020 17:23 pm:

On his day he was sublime. We sadly didn't see enough of those, for whatever reason, but I'd say thank you for the glimpses, especially season before last, of a rare talent. But now over to Lloyd and George to do their bit, with teammates, to keep us the Prem and provide challenge to young Hastings when he arrives (which is some way off).
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Re: Cips gone

15 Dec 2020 17:30 pm:

Colin - do you really believe that 23 year old Hastings is on anything like the sort of money that DC as on? I’d be surprised if it was not even half if you think of what Glasgow probably pay. I honestly believe this whole issue has been driven partly (as with the other management big earners) by the need for cost savings

Also I wonder if any clubs releasing players to Scotland get any sort of compensation?

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