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Re: Falcons OGT

08 Jan 2021 22:45 pm:

Points West showed the state of the Kingston Park pitch. A lot of snow with some staff trying to shift it. Looked like a lot of work.
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Re: Falcons OGT

08 Jan 2021 22:57 pm:

Unfortunately covid regs prevent any volunteers coming along to assist.
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Re: Falcons OGT

09 Jan 2021 09:25 am:

If they managed to get the racing on a at Newcastle yesterday I don’t see why they can’t get the rugby on.
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Re: Falcons OGT

09 Jan 2021 09:41 am:

Freezing this morning but the sun's out. Outside the ground now and Falcons players and staff are working on the pitch so hopefully it'll be on.
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Re: Falcons OGT

09 Jan 2021 09:42 am:

Top reporting Phil.
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Re: Falcons OGT

09 Jan 2021 09:59 am:

Don't just stand there, Phil, get the dog to help shovel it back on and knacker the Newcastle players and staff!
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Re: Falcons OGT

09 Jan 2021 10:34 am:

2 pretty equal teams - though we have greater pace out wide - on an all-weather pitch. A hard one to predict. That said Mystic Mute - just Ulster result wrong this season - will have a stab at one.

Newcastle to win by a tiny margin. Why ?? Based on their home game and better knowledge of pitch/weather conditions + in particular Flood's experience v Evans + respective recent records + Wilson's captaincy v LL. GRFC are sadly in a losing rut which is always hard to get out of - especially away from home and 'oop North (despite statistics).

Hope I'm wrong.

Much happier for GRFC to play rugby than rely on gaining points via Covid/weather issues. Let's have some pride...........
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Re: Falcons OGT

09 Jan 2021 10:36 am:

Who brought the k.o. time forward? I’ve got a time slot at the tip for 1 o’clock so it’s going to be tight, l might have to warm up first.
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Re: Falcons OGT

09 Jan 2021 10:55 am:

O would imagine that when Tigers/Saints was cancelled they wanted to switch things around - good double-header on TV
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Re: Falcons OGT

09 Jan 2021 11:23 am:

some value odds around on glos atm. you can get 2.68 at betfair, price should be nearer 1.50 as glos have won 25 of 42 premiership games against newks. anytime glos odds are above 2 you are getting value as glos have won just over half of all the games they have played in the premiership

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