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Re: Wins

11 Jan 2021 11:43 am:

These are all pipe dreams
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Re: Wins

11 Jan 2021 12:10 pm:

jeppy89 wrote:
CMGC wrote:I don't buy this . Under JA we had a backline of 57/ Cips/ 36/ Ali- Harris/ Thorley plus 1 . The only one who has changed is DC and losing Marshall. They worked wonderfully then so why not now?

Well it’s DC and Heinz that have changed and I don’t need to say that your half back pairing makes a huge difference.

That backline was mostly pre Harris too right? It was mostly Aki and 12T and one has been injured the other isn’t in great form.

That’s enough of a change.

Yeah exactly. Not to state the obvious, but the spine of the side - 2,8,9,10,12,15 - was drilled into me when i played and coached. Our 8,9,10 and 12 (to a degree) and 15 are all new. Aki as much as i like him is not a leader or a guy who makes good decisions under pressure, so 12T is probably best there. No 57, no DC, no JW and no BM.or JP. Suddenly the creative / conductor / control aspects of the team are not there and we're developing youngsters in key positions including S N-T at 8 who was a division lower a month back. All this takes time and practice.
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Re: Wins

11 Jan 2021 12:48 pm:

I think, back row balance issues against Newcs aside, our forwards aren't doing too bad a job by and large. Our set piece is working pretty well but, as with all teams, our driving maul defence could probably improve.

Against Newcs I argue our defense has improved in that we defended very well in our own 22 and didn't concede 4 tries as we have previously!

In attack is where (I think) we need some progress. We seem to have the following >

- Slow distribution from the breakdown (whether not securing quick ball or 9 being indecisive)
- Static line (potentially due in part to the slow distribution)
- One-up attackers / lack of decoys

Now, going by what EJ has said, he hasn't started working on England's attacking game yet, but even they are using players in pods to create defensive indecision. Can we not do the same?

We just seem to lack a plan of attack. Like Austin said in commentary, stretch the D with 2 big carries, spin it out. Even that basic premise seems to be more than we have at the moment.

How about having JM / LR-Z / OT turn up infield, just off Lloyd's shoulder to receive the cute pass? The wingers seem glued to the wing, until JM seemed to get frustrated at no involvement!
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Re: Wins

11 Jan 2021 13:22 pm:

Thought the defence has shown some signs of improvement when under pressure close to our own line - the end of the first half a great example of this.

Someone else mentioned the over-use of the choke tackle, which i'm in agreement with. RA in particular always seeming to try and hold the player up. I'd prefer to see a completed tackle and competition over the ball/disruption rather than giving time for the oppo to get up to support.
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Re: Wins

11 Jan 2021 13:57 pm:

I noted Healy's comment about 2 carries, then spin it.
Many years ago (1990s) Old Cryptians had Chalky White great coach of Leicester down to take a training session, he said he believed, 2 breakdowns, should be enough to create a scoring opportunity, this may be where Austin's thought came from.

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