Is Skivington out of his depth

Is Skivington out of his depth?

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Re: Is Skivington out of his depth

11 Jan 2021 06:52 am:

Enter cliché that "you need to break them down to build them back up" I was actually heartened by the fans forum when it was explained why we've been so up and down and the severe lack of consistency, and I honestly feel that Skiv et al are now facing that issue and dealing with it.

The players are clearly fighting and putting together some consistent plays, dogging it out as a team. No its not coming together- yet - but I think it will eventually turn a corner and when we do it will be a completely different team that what we have seen for a while. I haven't felt that way in many, many years.

The one thing that has changed is that our young guys are clearly building to become our "in depth" players and in of that we're not going to need to spend millions on some big names just to sit on the bench. Not to say we are not going to need to get bigger signings to help bring younger guys through, but knowing we can get through injuries in the future with a solid backup is going to be excellent.
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Re: Is Skivington out of his depth

11 Jan 2021 07:28 am:

Not sure I share your unabinding enthusiasm and positivity. I think we are in trouble.
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Re: Is Skivington out of his depth

11 Jan 2021 07:55 am:

Seeing the other teams begin to pull away is a concern, however we are only six games in. There is plenty of time to pull ourselves out of this rut! I'd be more concerned if we were being totally outplayed, but we're not. Should we have got more points for our performances, definitely! We should be 2 points better off had we secured LBP against Exeter and Newcastle at least. We are putting ourselves in a position to win games, we are making chances, we need that last link to finish them off. Plenty of time, i keep telling myself :D
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Re: Is Skivington out of his depth

11 Jan 2021 07:57 am:

We are definitely in trouble - our league position doesn’t lie. However there are more than just shoots of recovery on show in the last few games. Each week we are getting better, unfortunately not in all areas of the game at once. When we do, I think we will press on and get the wins. We really have gone back to basics and are building. It takes time and patience (for us as well as coaches and players). Stick with it and things will improve.
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Re: Is Skivington out of his depth

11 Jan 2021 08:06 am:

We’re in a rubbish position because we’ve actually played all our games.... our level competitors in the league ie Irish, Worcester, (on current form) have not fulfilled their games yet they have been given points.

That’s precisely why it should be ringfenced. But NOT for ever. Maybe to financially stabilise the league given current situation for maybe... 3 seasons?
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Re: Is Skivington out of his depth

11 Jan 2021 09:29 am:

If you look at the points gained per game actually played we are still bottom . The reason is we are getting well beaten by not scoring 4 tries and being within 7 unlike some of the others .
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Re: Is Skivington out of his depth

11 Jan 2021 09:42 am:

A revised table showing the points gained per game played and averaged up to 6 games per team
Bristol 24
Exeter 20
Newcs 19.2
Sale 19
Wasps 19
Leicester 15
Quins 14.4
LI 12.1
Saints 10.5
Bath 9.6
Worcs 6
Glos 6
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Re: Is Skivington out of his depth

11 Jan 2021 09:51 am:

There is no doubt that the table doesn't lie and we are where we are because of results. Having said that, the clubs occupying the five positions above us have all been awarded Covid points of varying amounts and may not have got anything had they fulfilled their fixture(s). In addition, we have Tigers rising to 6th position without playing a game and being awarded four points. Whatever way I look at it, it somehow doesn't look or feel right to me and leaves a bad taste in my mouth. With the way things are in the country right now, some sort of decision needs to be made and to be made soon. I'm not a great fan of ring-fencing but my personal opinion is that relegation should be suspended, not permanently but maybe just for this season and then be reviewed again then. It's not because I support the team at the bottom of the table either; it's because a club's future, and that of it's players and staff, should not be threatened due to other clubs not being able to fulfill their fixtures or others not having any opposition to play. There is also the clear fact that clubs who have played all their fixtures have increased player fatigue and possible long term injuries, while Covid-affected teams have their players resting up and remaining injury free. The more you think about it, the more involved and ludicrous it becomes. It's time for some decisions to be made.
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Re: Is Skivington out of his depth

11 Jan 2021 10:06 am:

Well firstly, the poll is entirely acceptable IMO. Those complaining about it entitled to their opinion , but the poll is partly what the forum is all about, and it's generating some interesting discussion.

I have not voted. An option of " uncertain " might have been a useful balance and an interesting option. ;)

More directly; I think we have seen an improvement in some elements of the game post-Akkers and we have certainly been in contention for much of the last 4 competitive games . To ask the question if Skivs is out of his depth, may be slightly premature given the recent performances and given we were the better side for much of the last four matches against some very good sides suggests to me that he may not be.

What is certain is that the modern game is not about the coaching one coach. It is about a team of coaches. There are some signs that the attacking game is more direct and the emphasis on keeping possession is clear. Last few seasons we have seen moments of brilliance but also too many headless -chicken moments which somehow came with the style of rugby played under the previous head coach.

We need to stick to what we are doing. That is certain ; but moreover we need to get another 10% from the team and significantly improve on what we are doing from 10 metres out of the opposition try line. IF we had that improvement alongside the ball retention improvements we would be in the top half of the table now.
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Re: Is Skivington out of his depth

11 Jan 2021 10:19 am:

A slightly distasteful poll BUT a fair enough question to ask. Like many I replied "No" BUT GS is obviously and understandably on a steep learning curve along with his team of coaches. Ditto AB as DoR.

I most certainly think they have the wherewithal to learn on the job alongside the current group of players.

I am almost certain there will be a moratorium regarding Premiership promotion/relegation BUT don't think GRFC would be in 12th place anyway - though not far off - at end of this season.

LI have recruited very strongly and Wuss will be our biggest rivals for 12th place.

Not happy-clappy; realistic as to why we are where we are and assured that a gradual and pragmatic approach by the on-field personnel will come good.
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