Is Skivington out of his depth

Is Skivington out of his depth?

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Re: Is Skivington out of his depth

12 Jan 2021 17:50 pm:

In the prem this season we are conceding on average 28 points. 38 of them came from Leicester at the start and we were terrible that day. I actually think D is getting better. We showed some great bite in keeping Newcastle out just before half time. Jordy was having a day off and he adds to it. Attack is averaging just over 21 point for.

If we can continue to get better in the set piece I expect a few 50/50 pen calls to start going our way.

Personally I hope GS and the coaching team are here for 5 years minimum. What was the alternative? A repeat of every other season where we probably score a few amazing try’s from the wing but come 7-8-9th in the league? We have always yo-yoed 1 good season in 3 or 4?
Here’s one for the Statisticians. When was the last time we had 3 seasons of continually improving final league position?

I think a strip back with hopefully a rock solid scrum, continued line out maul attack and defence improvements. Exquisite re-start and exit drills. More D like we saw against Newcastle before half time. Oh I would also like us to be fitter and be able to pass a ball along a back line perfectly. Doing that as quickly as poss would get us off the bottom. We have good enough players ie the basics of the game done perfectly every time!
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Re: Is Skivington out of his depth

13 Jan 2021 18:04 pm:

People often say we’re continually rebuilding but I disagree. I can only speak about the last 20 years as I’m a relative newbie but IMO we’ve never actually rebuilt in that time, just reshuffled a bit. This feels different. This is much more far reaching.

We’ve already seen a huge improvement in the set piece and that’s down to GS. He appears to have a very clear long term strategy which I for one totally buy into. So my answer categorically is no, he’s not out of his depth. Both as a hands on coach and as a strategic manager he ticks the boxes. We may well have a long season ahead but I believe it will reap the dividends (apologies for the mixed metaphor) in the future.
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Re: Is Skivington out of his depth

13 Jan 2021 19:23 pm:

+1 but maybe slightly less gung-ho. Certainly agree that it will be a long season for all GRFC supporters.
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