Poll: My expectations post the Newcastle game

Poll: My expectations post the Newcastle game

Poll runs till 24 Jan 2021 10:41 am

Top 4
Mid table
Bottom 4 but I'm chilled about it as I see the team building well.
Bottom 4 and I'm not happy with the way things are going.
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Re: Poll: My expectations post the Newcastle game

10 Jan 2021 19:26 pm:

I've seen a couple of mentions of us being like Newcastle United recently. Their fans says they don't demand a team that wins, but do demand a team that tries.

What I want to see from anyone that goes onto that pitch is not taking a backwards step. If I can see the players are giving everything which I think especially against Exeter we saw that then if the team doesn't win then so be it. But if players don't look bothered then that's not acceptable to me. The league is so tight we could find ourselves in a top 4 battle or relegation battle from one season to another.

Personally I believe in what Skivington is trying to do and know it won't be an easy ride.
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Re: Poll: My expectations post the Newcastle game

10 Jan 2021 21:06 pm:

Bottom four definitely, and I believe in the changes the coaches are making, but you have to wonder how relegation would affect that journey. If the Premiership is ringfenced I think we've won the lottery, because we can be a much better team next year as long as we stay in this league.
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Re: Poll: My expectations post the Newcastle game

10 Jan 2021 22:30 pm:

steckers wrote:GlawsyD - we are only 1 win and a couple of BPs from being in 6th. And a few of those teams above us have had some generous covid points.

After today's results effectively means we've got to win at least 2 games just to catch up, which also means the other teams have 2 chances to add to their tally of points (and so it goes on).
Some folk are saying they don't know where the next couple of wins will come from, which is not encouraging. Yes, there are signs of improvement in certain areas, but we've gone backwards in others. Still, I've already paid for this season so I guess the team can be assured of my support!
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