First Visit to Kingsholm

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First Visit to Kingsholm

11 Jan 2021 14:14 pm:

I don't think this has been done before so in the general doom and gloom surrounding the board I thought I'd try and lighten things up by getting posters to recall when they first came to the 'holm and what they remember of it.
As the initiator I'm going to have two bites of the cherry, so to speak, because my first visit was in March 1963, when as a boy living in Cheltenham and usually watching the Robins, or occasionally, the rugby at the Athletic Ground, I ventured out on my bike and rolled in to watch the County Championship Semi Final v Warwickshire. We had a pretty decent side out captained by Peter Ford featuring 5 from Glos, 7 from Bris and 3 from Lydney but Warwicks were top dogs in that era with 13 from Coventry including a string of England caps. We lost 3-11, all I can remember was standing in the old Worcester Street end but I don't remember any terracing - a bit like the old Saints stand that was rebuilt as a two tier standing/sitting structure.
I can't have been that impressed because I didn't return until 1972 as a student, home for Easter, going to Glos v Headingley on April 1st, the week after we won at Coventry to get to the Cup Final. This time we won 18-6, Eric Stephens scoring most of the points with kicks. Mike Nicholls captained us with luminaries such as John Bayliss, Tom Palmer, Mickey Booth and John Watkins also playing, one Ian McGeechan turned out for the visitors. I was in the Shed this time, the crowd was fairly thin compared to nowadays but as ever vocal. However, it took till the inauguration of leagues before I became a regular.
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Re: First Visit to Kingsholm

11 Jan 2021 14:32 pm:

I'm a bit vague on this (nothing new really), but I think I went with my dad when he was playing with Cinderford Town Band for pre match entertainment in the late 1950s. Some men would carry a blanket around for the crowd to throw money into. After that it was a county match in the '70s with my wife and my now elderly dad. We got beaten by Northumberland and my Geordie wife was rather happy.
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Re: First Visit to Kingsholm

11 Jan 2021 14:42 pm:

My first visit to Kingsholm wasn't a Gloucester game it was the South West v Australia in December 1981. I stood in the Shed on a stool that my dad had made so that I could see what was going on.

Place was packed atmosphere was amazing I was hooked.
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Re: First Visit to Kingsholm

11 Jan 2021 14:44 pm:

Late 1970s v Leicester, we lost and I was surprised to see someone I remembered from the TV in the Leicester team, the 'O' or No15, Dusty Hare. I think he kicked all their points, also I remember the letters on their shirts. A quick look on the heritage site suggests this was Nov 1978, which sounds about right. I don't remember this, but it would have been near where the clock is now, my dad always stood there, near the shed, but not quite.
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Re: First Visit to Kingsholm

11 Jan 2021 14:53 pm:

Early seventies (1973?), Cardiff and it was 3 - 3 draw. Chap on the turnstile at the Deans walk end was my dad's partner at bowls, so he used to say squash up in the turnstile and only charge one adult. Happy days.
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Re: First Visit to Kingsholm

11 Jan 2021 14:55 pm:

I'm a newbie, probably 1999. A Glaws-born friend (and long-term ST holder) and I ran a business in the midlands, and we took out some corporate hospitality at Kingsholm. My mate dragged me out onto the balcony of the old hospitality boxes as the players finished their warm-up and ran in front of the Shed. 'Gladiatorial, isn't it?' he said ! My wife and I were hooked, and that was it.
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Re: First Visit to Kingsholm

11 Jan 2021 14:58 pm:

After Andy Ripley was in Superstars in ( I think) 1981, there was a game where Gloucester played a team called something like "Andy Ripley Invitational XV".. that was my first game.

Tried finding it on the heritage site, but nothing obvious popped up.. unless it was just a Rosslyn Park team he had picked out.. not sure.

Was hoping Brian Jacks would be there doing parallel bar dips.. dunno why, I was only 6..
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Re: First Visit to Kingsholm

11 Jan 2021 15:23 pm:

I'm a relative newcomer, too - also 1999. Was the Boxing Day game against Irish, a 40-15 win for Glos. Recall that it was a properly cold day, and my feet had just about got some feeling back into them by the time we got home, an hour later...

Was then an occasional attendee for the rest of that season and the next few, before it got to the point that a season ticket was worth getting - 1st one was 2004/2005. Always in the Shed apart from a couple of games in a box and once we had to slum it on the old Worcester Street terrace as we were late arriving and the Shed was already full and we couldn't get in (before the days of Shed-specific tickets).

Really not sure when I (we) will get to see the inside of the stadium again for a game...
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Re: First Visit to Kingsholm

11 Jan 2021 15:28 pm:

Can't tell you when exactly, but I think it was either 72 or 73 and a County match. Stood at the Tump end in front of the Grandstand, pretty much on the try line. Went with a friend from school and his dad. Main memory was how cold it was and how much the scrum steamed.........
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Re: First Visit to Kingsholm

11 Jan 2021 15:45 pm:

First went in the mid 60s. Don't really remember much about it. Stood in the Worcester Street stand. We were playing Cardiff I believe. Think we lost. I remember Ron Pitt in the centre, Don Rutherford at full back and Jack Fowke at prop. Did not go again until late 60s, when started going with a group of school friends from the Crypt. Had graduated to the Shed by then and been there ever since!

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