First Visit to Kingsholm

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Re: First Visit to Kingsholm

13 Jan 2021 15:31 pm:

Strange as it seem s one of the lingering memories is the programme.
15p for just a couple of pages. Obviously the players name but the Editors comments were always different, and invariably humorous i think that alone made you feel part of the club somehow.
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Re: First Visit to Kingsholm

13 Jan 2021 15:33 pm:

Probably the best thread on here for a long time. Thanks for sharing memories. One thing that is clear is the passion for Gloucester and when you see how long the relationship has been for some of you. You start to see why emotions run high when things don't go well.
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Re: First Visit to Kingsholm

13 Jan 2021 15:47 pm:

Hey Rollo, Welly and all the other clubs contributors, when was your first visit to Kingsholm and what were your experiences of the hallowed ground?
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Re: First Visit to Kingsholm

13 Jan 2021 17:56 pm:

Westy wrote:
"beachy - George Cole was a hero of mine - scrum half and latterly full back who was deadly with his straight on toe-poke place kicking. In those days, there were no such things as kicking tees, but we made a sort of semi-circular mound in the mud by digging our heel into the ground, on which to place the ball ...

Saw him many times at Coundon Road, and I also had the pleasure of hearing Peter Jackson speak after dinner at a club function."

Westy, yes, both George Cole and Peter Jackson were amongst the best players of their era and Coventry was certainly regarded as the top club in that time. My cousin turned out a number of times on the wing for them a few years later until a career ending injury
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Re: First Visit to Kingsholm

14 Jan 2021 20:00 pm:

Autumn 1969, South West v South Africa. Came to protest rather than watch the game. The South African team were staying at the Queens Hotel, Cheltenham and a group of youngsters, including me, were on the evening before the game, gathered outside with banners. The SA team, (huge white men) came out of the hotel and eyeballed us, much to the amusement of the two coppers who were keeping watch. No regrets; SA now a multiracial society and it would be inconceivable for an all white team to represent them now.
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Re: First Visit to Kingsholm

14 Jan 2021 20:49 pm:

MarcusRann wrote:First visit sometime in the mid 80s with school. RC Hannaford was our biology teacher and arranged. Then a few games through the 90s I worked in hotels and restaurants and there weren't many games on a Tuesday afternoon- my only day off. I remember one game vs Newcastle late 90s and one something like NZ under 21s vs South west students. I also bought my first copy of ShedHead. It had a a pic of PSA or Ludo with a chant of Le Glawstair on the front. Then for 10 years I lived in London so saw Glos more often away at Sarries, Wasps at Loftus Road, Quins and a few chastening visits to Twickenham.

Thought you were an OR. I think you were in upper 6th when I was in 4th year. I was also introduced to Gloucester in late 80s through Rendcomb and later was coached by Nigel Scrivens at the RAC. I was in total awe having watched him, Brain, Sims and Etheridge do battle in the second row.
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Re: First Visit to Kingsholm

14 Jan 2021 22:42 pm:

My first visit, which I still remember well, was 77 years ago, in 1943. The match was a Services International England v Wales. It was with a party from Marling School and my abiding memory was (is) of the Shed. I stood on the rails in the Main Stand Enclosure where I was in awe of the atmosphere and noise that came from the opposite side of the ground. I have no idea of the crowd number and doubt if any one else has. There were hundreds sitting inside the rails and even a few on the Shed roof. ( It was not too difficult to scale the fence at the Tump end) !!
Before the game a few Welsh supporters shinned up the goal posts to tie leeks to the crossbars. Of course, due to our nearness to the border, there were probably
as many Welsh supporters as English
I remember less about the actual game but 2 players stood out ,even to my then very limited knowledge of rugby , Bleddyn Williams and Haydn Tanner.
Unfortunately for the last year I feel that I will no longer be able to tackle the steps in the Shed or the stands so will have settle for my armchair in front of the TV with a large single malt.
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Re: First Visit to Kingsholm

14 Jan 2021 22:57 pm:

Yes I left in 88. We had an eye opening training session with John Fidler, he picked up our biggest county schools player and shook him like a rag doll. We all did what we were told.

It wasn't a bad crop of players for those years. Ben Maslen went to play a season at Glos and his brother Dan was scrum half for Cambridge - and got knocked out cold at Twickenham. Gareth Davies played at Bath etc.

I also seem to remember P S-A turning up at a ORs match. There was a shortage of players so he stuck his boots on and played.

I did 3 years at RAC but didn't play. I had the dubious honour of sharing a house with the giant Richard West. 6ft10 and drove a mini.
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Re: First Visit to Kingsholm

15 Jan 2021 08:16 am:

First visit for me was late summer ( from memory ) in 1968 as a 5 year old with my Father. He was usually a shed-dweller, but we sat opposite for this one . The match was against Bristol and I think we lost narrowly, but can't remember the score. So many good memories over the years.
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Re: First Visit to Kingsholm

15 Jan 2021 09:44 am:

In those days, Bristol was a far more serious encounter than Bath. We are now back to that situation.

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