The run in

How many more wins?

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The run in

03 Apr 2021 07:11 am:

A week off next week and then only seven games left in the season. We should hopefully have the likes of Woodward, Moyle, LRZ, Singleton, Stanley, Kvesaladze back by then with Thorleys suspension up. Full noise the rest of the season a must.

How do we see the run in going? Poll options for games won and my predictions below.

Sale (A) L - 1pt
Newcastle (H) W - 4pts
Northampton (A) L - 0pts
Bristol (A) L - 0pts
Irish (H) L - 2pts
Bath (H) W - 4pts
Worcester (A) W - 4pts
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Re: The run in

03 Apr 2021 07:31 am:

I'll go extra optimistic, 6 wins. Lose to either sale or Bristol
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Re: The run in

03 Apr 2021 08:26 am:

Not too obsessed with where we finish, but it would be nicer to end the season a spot or two higher in the table. I think Champions Cup is out of our sights now, unless the top 8 teams qualify then we could have a slight chance of nicking 8th place again if results go our way.

Can’t see us getting a result at the AJ Bell. We should have enough to beat Newcastle at home. If we play like we did last night I’d fancy us against Northampton. Can’t see much coming from Bristol away. Irish and Bath, both at home with fans could go either way IMO. Worcester are pants this season but Sixways is such a bogey ground for us. I’m going to say between 2-4 wins.
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Re: The run in

03 Apr 2021 09:32 am:

Another of the great Shedweb myths...Sixways is such a bogey ground. If you trawl back through the stats you will see Glos have won plenty of matches there.
Don't like the place much, though! :)
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Re: The run in

03 Apr 2021 09:45 am:

Didn’t we stuff Worcester there last time out? I can’t see Worcester getting 4 more wins so two should be enough to guarantee Challenge cup and realistically, that should be our aim for silverware next season(including a trip to South of France). I would like to think we can catch Newcastle (they’re blowing) The way we played last night, no Premiership side is unbeatable. We should have about 4 or 5 players back for our run in? We will be fine.
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Re: The run in

03 Apr 2021 10:14 am:

I’ve gone for 3 wins:

Newks & Worcester I genuinely think we can win.
Barf we just HAVE to win; because we do. (Not sure about this win though).

"The Holy Writ of Gloucester Rugby Club demands: first, that the forwards shall win the ball; second, that the forwards shall keep the ball; and third, the backs shall buy the beer." - Doug Ibbotson
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Re: The run in

03 Apr 2021 10:20 am:

If Sale win tomorrow they travel to La Rochelle on Friday - the week before playing us. We get a week's rest.
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Re: The run in

03 Apr 2021 10:27 am:

Oh dear. That means I’m going to have to root for Sale. I’m going to find that very, very difficult.
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Re: The run in

03 Apr 2021 11:02 am:

Lebowski wrote:Oh dear. That means I’m going to have to root for Sale. I’m going to find that very, very difficult.

:lol: Always play the long game Leb... Come on Sale!
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Re: The run in

03 Apr 2021 21:26 pm:

3 wins I reckon. New castle wuss and Irish/barf

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