The Pitch


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Grass ( Like your Lawn should be )
Hybrid Grass ( Like HQ etc )
Plastic ( Recycling is on a Monday )
Not bothered. ( Fence sitting )
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Re: The Pitch

01 Oct 2021 09:24 am:

GM, I think it is relevant. Who would listen to the opinion of a man who thinks it’s funny to do what he did whilst playing for England. An absolute plank.
They don’t like it up ‘em.
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Re: The Pitch

01 Oct 2021 10:10 am:

To be balanced on this, I recall a few players such as Ed Slater stating on various Podcasts how much they hated the original grass covered, stodgy bog that Castle Grim could be pre hybrid.

I have never heard any player saying how much they love playing at the Rec in winter!

Unless its Twickers or Franklins Gardens then players will always have a grievance with the surface.
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Re: The Pitch

01 Oct 2021 10:39 am:

Excellent, the more opposition that don't like our surface the better...
I'd love to agree with you, but then we'd both be wrong....
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Re: The Pitch

01 Oct 2021 15:06 pm:

stuartjames wrote:
It was a very stupid action BUT it was certainly not grabbing/squeezing testicles.

What was the 10 week ban for then ?

Let’s just say that he felt a dick!!
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Re: The Pitch

01 Oct 2021 16:27 pm:

I suggest that if you haven't already that you read Marler's book, including the section on this incident.

Back to the pitch, based purely on that one game I thought it played a lot better than other 3G pitches and I am a massive sceptic of them!
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