The Pitch


Poll ended at 11 Aug 2021 22:10 pm

Grass ( Like your Lawn should be )
Hybrid Grass ( Like HQ etc )
Plastic ( Recycling is on a Monday )
Not bothered. ( Fence sitting )
Total votes : 93

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Re: The Pitch

30 Sep 2021 13:31 pm:

Chris Jones wrote:Simmo - we have moved from Hartbury and the previous CG pitch simply could not take the wear and tear associated with extra training and other events

We could have found another "base" that was outside. We didn't need to leavse an old factory and no I don't believe in any of the bulls**t about "coming home to City".
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Re: The Pitch

30 Sep 2021 13:36 pm:

Why does it matter where we train as long as the facilities are up to scratch which they appear to be from all the info I have seen on them.

I know shedweb likes a bee on it's bonnet but I can't fathom why having the training facility near the ground would be a bad thing?
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Re: The Pitch

30 Sep 2021 13:54 pm:

Apparently the cheap option is loved and preferred by the players and we so don't need an expensive plot with pitches elsewhere. We have no reason to doubt that it's a perfect win/win scenario and the scare stories about dangerous crumb and burns are put about by curmudgeonly old blokes...just amazed that other clubs aren't following our ground breaking lead...they will see sense one day I'm sure.
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Re: The Pitch

30 Sep 2021 14:27 pm:

God this is boring. What do people want, a club with a 'crappy plastic' pitch or no club at all ?

No burns or dangerous crumb if the site becomes a supermarket or housing estate.
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Re: The Pitch

30 Sep 2021 14:48 pm:

I don't think it is a two way choice of " crappy pitch or bankrupt. If that was the option then clearly crappy pitch .
However we have now installed two brand new pitches in 2-3 yrs so clearly the cost isn't the whole picture. Perhaps a Hybrid would have been cheaper than the two we have out in ;)
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Re: The Pitch

30 Sep 2021 14:58 pm:

I would hope all factors/costs were considered with equal weighting between commercial/player welfare - especially the dual playing/training use of one 4G along with it's added commercial advantages.

I know where I stand but I am more concerned with players and having the best for them/rugby than the £sd approach.

There is simply no right answer and only time and savings/injuries/recovery time will provide the hindsight answer.
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Re: The Pitch

30 Sep 2021 15:00 pm:

I'm sure we would still be playing on grass if the training facility was at Hartpury but it's not and land comprising 5acres+ together with gym etc. costs a lot more than a rented warehouse and using the 1 acre that's in a stadium 5/6 days a week.
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Re: The Pitch

30 Sep 2021 15:26 pm:

Call me old fashioned if you must, but I would much rather play and watch rugby played on grass.
Really disappointed with how the pitch played last week with some very ‘unpredictable’ bounces, which may or may not be to our advantage seeing how often we now kick the ball.

If we want to employ a kicking game I would like to see it used to gain territory more, but our scrum and line outs are by no means rock solid so that may be self-defeating.

If we are training and playing on the pitch then artificial will be needed I appreciate, but I was hoping for something better than what we saw last friday.

I don't think I would want to play rugby on it.
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Re: The Pitch

30 Sep 2021 15:37 pm:

If we generate a little bit of space for LRZ, Carreras, May et al down the wing and we get a few wins this thread vanishes.
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Re: The Pitch

30 Sep 2021 16:14 pm:

Absolutely...a few wins at Kingsholm and we're up and running...I'm quite convinced plastic or non-plastic things would be the same ...just that this now cost cost savings benefits. We are where we are, and the rest will catch up.
I'd love to agree with you, but then we'd both be wrong....

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