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Re: Jake Polledri - Just Pressed Cider

24 Sep 2021 11:47 am:

Best of luck looking for "ale" Adam, as beer is made using hops and ale does not.

Unless your looking for "Adam's Ale" which is plentiful out of your kitchen tap.
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Re: Jake Polledri - Just Pressed Cider

24 Sep 2021 13:02 pm:

I'll take the current definition "any beer other than lager, stout or porter" over the historical "a drink made like beer but without the addition of hops".

Adam's ale only drinkable in tea, coffee and pink gin... :D
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Re: Jake Polledri - Just Pressed Cider

24 Sep 2021 13:46 pm:

GlawsyD wrote:Sorry, Mute but it's the 'new' Taunton Cider Company and their not a brewery.

The old company started as a cooperative in 1805 and became The Taunton Cider Company Ltf in 1912. Over time expansion led to buy in from various brewing giants like Bass, Courage, Arthur Guinness & Co and Watney decided to take shareholdings and help to fund the necessary growth. In 1972, following very careful market research, the Company launched Dry Blackthorn, and produced its first TV commercial that featured Taunton Cider, Dry Blackthorn, and an important existing brand, Autumn Gold.

The 1990s saw a management buyout which led to the public floatation of The Taunton Cider company in July 1992. In 1994 it was taken over by Matthew Clark plc, who was itself taken over by Constellation, an American company and the business at Shepton Mallett was subsequently sold to Cantrell & Cochrane (C&C).

The Taunton Cider Company effectively disappeared until it was re-registered in 2015 by a group of cider enthusiasts and the first bottles of the re-born company rolled off the cider press in November 2016.

Taken from their website.

Damn it! Sorry GlawsyD. Just hit the wrong heart. Thanks for the information.

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